Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Mr. Fuzzyfurl Battlepose

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With Google being Google, it took me way too long to get a working Mr. Fuzzyfurl graphic...

Anyhoo, with Masquerade's big ol' teddybear companion finally uploaded, that's another chapter closed!
Speaking of which, the latest beta was released over the weekend and I even got time to add in Queen Opala as an opponent for the Strippin' o' Die mini-game as a last minute addition!

Not much else have been done over the week other than prepping for that beta.
I'll likely continue on with the story and add a couple of more characters for the stripping dice, Behelda and Black Dame being next in line!

Thus, another week is ahead of us!

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Week 21 / 2020

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Well, I was gonna upload some graphics this week, but it looks like a grumpy server doesn't want to host teddybears! FINE, next week it is!

In totally unrelated news, Masquerade's mini CG Scene and playable portion is done.
It'll be another one of those Dream Key sequences we've only had one of before with Kythie.
And that repeatable offensive cutscene/CG Scene with Osira is indeed done, 100% realsies!
It was done earlier as I reported, but something about it just grinded my gears and it didn't felt like it flowed as well as it could have, but all of that changed when I decided to impliment an idea that had been running in my mind for months now, and everything just clicked while falling into place!
Without stating spoilers, previously the cutscene would have Osira reveal she had been working with, and provided information by Zweibelle, but that has changed...you'll see!

Thus I can announce the next beta will hit this weekend, including those two CG Scenes and adult Farah as an opponent in Strippin' o' Die, perhaps Queen Opala too if I can make it in time!

See you next week!

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Week 20 / 2020

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I have done the impossible, I have solved the Osira cutscene and is finally in the process of writing the conclusion! Although, to be fair, most of the week I avoided it like the plague because I didn't want to kept being stuck and instead make some actual progress...which means I've suddenly finished another mini CG Scene, this time featuring Masquerade!

Both of them will be in the next beta I hope to release before the end of this month.
So with that short, lil' update, I'll be right back next week!

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Legend of Queen Opala: Empress Francesca

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It's me 'nother update!

A character long overdue for her own pose, the Emperor's daughter Francesca whom the protagonist has been looking for since nearly the start of the game.
The rightful owner to the throne and the only legit way to overthrow Crayden.
With her reveal at the end of episode 3 and that being out for a while now, I figured it wouldn't hurt to post this...although, isn't there something familiar about her? HMMMMMMMM... ;D

Also...still working on that same stupid cutscene, but I swear, it's like I've made three of them now with how much has been cut or changed over time.
I guess since the cut stuff isn't making it into the final version, I might as well mention what has been removed since it's not canon.
At first, the protagonist mentioning Kin'Aurea appearing in the world surprises Osira and sparks an argument between her and Vhazar regarding the deal they made when originally joining forces, with Vhazar stating Osira's faulty information about the snake Laquadia usually carried on her shoulders were in fact Kin'Aurea in disguise and how he had made no promise to risk the life of his men to search for the Serpent God.
This argument was cut as I felt Osira only taking the protagonist's word as the truth would be a bit odd, and it would make her relation with Vhazar damaged going forward.
The other extended dialogue that got cut was Osira explaining how the Hikari and Kurai artifacts worked in great detail and the consequences of removing the relic, if wearing one, and ultimately I felt like such knowledge would be better suited for Laquadia or Zweibelle to be telling.

With all of that out of the way, I've also been working on some more maps and included adult Farah to the Strippin' o' Die mini-game, with Queen Opala soon to follow!

So with that, onward to next week!

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Week 18 / 2020

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No jizz inducing supplement this week...unless you envision it in your mind!

Still stuck on that stubborn cutscene with Osira as I felt like a few dialogues didn't really add anything and might as well be cut to make the overall conversation more focused, but the CG Scene is still done and slightly extended, so I should be able to release a new beta in May that includes those things. (As they were initially ment for this month)

I have also gone back to the Royal Bath Hall and tweaked some things, both graphically and your interraction with the guarding knights, along with Laquadia's encounter.
While slow and steady, I am finally making a comeback after quitting my tobacco addiction!

And that will be all of this Tuesday, see you at next one!

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Lola the High-Class Prostitute

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Time for a the weekly Tuesday!

So while I'm still very much dealing with quitting my tobacco addiction, I have been able to slowly get back to work this week with making more graphical assets, tweaking some maps and dialogues.
For example, Lynevere's mansion in Colussia has gotten a slight interior upgrade and her servant Cardinal has been updated with a unique NPC sprite/skin to make him stand out.

And just like last week, I'm introducing another character concept art which is not 100% confirmed to appear in the game.
But if she eventually would be, Lola is a high-class hooker making a fortune in Colussia and a throwback to Sophia from the first LoQO, who much like Sophia will also offer her services to the player in exchange for that sweet, sweet money.

So with that, I'll be zoning out and returning next week as always with another Tuesday update!

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Caprice the Legendary Huntress

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What does abstinence and McDonalds have in common...?
Ba Da Ba Ba Bah, I'm Lovin' It!

Or not really. I'm still currently having pretty bad withdrawal symptoms, but I think I've managed to jump over the worst hurdle and is just riding out the storm.
So unfortunately I haven't really gotten any work done and I can't promise this next week will be enough time to recover, although I will say if I'm not back to work by the time of next Tuesday, the month of May will be a free for all my Patreons signed up during April.

However, let's at least add some LoQO flavor today with some kitty tiffies!
It might be more accurate to call it concept art though, as today and next week's introduced characters are not 100% confirmed to appear in the game.
Caprice is someone who has been mentioned by name by NPC's and Behelda.
She is a legendary huntress from the Land of Savages who wrote a guide to safe sex with wild monsters for the female wanderer, and is the same species as Latex from LoQOII.

So with that, I'll be trying to get better until next week!