Thursday, February 27, 2014

Wanted - Japanese Translator

Since my previous translator got more and more work on the side as time went on, I'll need one or two new japanese/english translators to help me communicate with artists and the CG illustrator for the eastern edition, you'll get paid for the work too!
The only requirement is that you are fairly good at it, and not just learned a sentence or two out of a JAV movie. x3

If you want to try out for the job and earn a spot in the Legend of Queen Opala - Origin credits for your work once the game is completed, e-mail me -
gabriellogan at hotmail dot com.

Also, reposting links for Legend of Queen Opala II since it's now fallen off the front page.

Download Link 01
Download Link 02
Download Link 03
Download Link 04

Monday, February 24, 2014

Crowdfunding - Step 3 (Updated)

Legend of Queen Opala - Origin is now officially launched!

Click here to support the project!

In terms of Golden Edition for LoQOII, I believe I'm getting close to the finish line.
Captain Durrow is wrapped up, Bal'Rana and Za'Nina are wrapped up, romance is wrapped up, Greenfield is wrapped up...and by God, even the missing women of Tel Ravida is now wrapped up as well!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Legend of Queen Opala - Origin Ideas

First of all, please make sure to check the previous blog entry if you haven't already and follow the link to cast your vote for Legend of Queen Opala - Origin over at Offbeatr!

I must just say I'm slowly starting to realize how much I was limited in LoQOII, believe it or not.
The closer the Legend of Queen Opala - Origin gets to the needed vote number, the more I understand how much more I can do with a game when I have that amount of money I'm aiming for...I'm talking original battleposes, sprite pixels and such for the game.
In the recent few days, that has made me overflow with ideas and excitement for the next game!

As I'd be allowed to create a fully designed protagonist, without having to choose between already made poses, and create enemies not found in any other RPG Maker game before mine, so here is a few of the ideas I'll put into LoQO - Origin if I'm allowed to reach the funding goal.

The game will take place in the Beldorian Empire, located to the far west of Namaria, making it possible Festival Island "could" be one location shared between the Beldorian Empire and the Kingdom of Namaria.
While the two countries are somewhat similuar, the Beldorian Empire is more advanced and have perfected steam machines, which is used within the army as they prepare for war with a mysterious, unknown menace slowly overtaking Namaria and spreading closer by the day.
(Though not a very unknown menace, if you've finished LoQOII)

Unlike previous games, both the protagonist and main antagonist will change outfits as the game progress, with the protagonist of course being able to switch whenever he wants, changing costumes doesn't only change colors, but can be anything from armor to civilan clothing, changing both how the character looks while exploring, as well as in battle.

In short...All I can say is, I have big plans. :D

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Crowdfunding - Step 2 (Updated)

Alright, time to put the show to the road, vote collecting has now begun for Legend of Queen Opala - Origin over at Offbeatr!

Cast a vote, click here!

And here is a update to the Golden Edition version.
Greenfield Lands will have one last building you can add where all your party members gather, you'll also be able to purchase various farm animals from different places to fill out your pens.

Opala, Osira and Farah will also all have one final added dialogue each at taverns where you can have them become your wife, which will in turn have them come live with you at your land.

The sequences that triggers pregnancy/birth chance also has be expanded so they play out more like a mini-scene with supported CG, although recycled from the main game, than just fading to black, its optional to watch the scene each time you sleep with a girl or not.

All enemies from Thebes and past that point also has nerfed defense/attack and rewards with twice the XP, all the Ultimas and Legendary Monsters will also reward the player with twice the XP.
The game will also allow you to choose between Normal and Easy difficulty when you start a brand new game, Easy difficulty gives you a large boost to some stats and lets you begin the game at lvl. 50.

Gifting items to partymembers will also give them permanent stat raises, more boosts are awarded, the higher your relationship score is with the character in question.
A new sidequest named Durrow's Lament will also be available, with more planned.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Crowdfunding - Step 1 (Updated)

The concept for "Legend of Queen Opala - Origin" has been approved by Offbeatr!
This mean I'll very shortly open a project that first needs a bunch of votes before it can become a real project and allow me to start accepting funds.

You can be sure I'll post a Step 2 topic when the project is open and in need of voting. x3
On the downside, it seems like I have to personally pay a listing fee of $600 to even have the project go into crowdfunding phase after recieving enough votes, and if I don't hit the initial goal which will be $30,000, the $600 isn't even returned to me...I'll have to ask around for people who've been generous in the past. ^^


Over the course of the days since the launch of Legend of Queen Opala II, I've got a lot of questions and statements about the game, and thought it might be a good idea to clear some of that up!
But be warned, some of it may contain story spoilers!

Q) Why can't I romance anyone in the party?

A) For several reasons, the main issue being adding a scene to the game cost $100-500 and takes a month to finish, since the artists who worked on the game didn't do it for free and had lives of their own.
I also didn't want the main protagonist to simply be Jake 2.0 from the first game, basically a pervert who is out to hump everyone in his path.

Q) Why doesn't the game has a branching story like the first game?

A) The first game was about the same size as the starting point from the main protagonist's house to Frontier Aqueduct and the areas in between, but Legend of Queen Opala II is 10-20 times bigger than that.
Making a branching story would take such a huge amount of time when you consider the sheer size and the fact which party members you have with you, and any combination of them, all affect the conversations spoken across the story.

Q) Why can't I marry Opala, Farah or Osira like in the first game?

A) There wasn't enough time to add that feature in the game since fans were getting too impatient and I needed to move on and focus on a third game instead, but it'll be in the Golden Edition version.

Q) Why isn't there any end-game content after the last boss where we live with the choices we made?

A) Because I wanted everyone to have the chance to unlock all the Bad Endings, and they aren't exactly endings if you can continue to play after them, now are they? But there was also the fact I didn't want players to accidently lock themselves into a Bad Ending and permanently lose partymembers and love interests because of it, with no posibility to have them return without starting a new playthrough.

Q) Why isn't there a evil ending for the main character where he takes over Egypt?

A) This worked in the first game because you had Osira use her minions to take over, and then you could betray her, it would be harder for the main protagonist to suddenly rise to power as Pharaoh within this game since the Egyptian Army is still around, and has no reason to suddenly start following him.

Q) Why are there so few scenes between the protagonist and the egyptian girls?

A) In the first game, players complained the scenes were too far apart, the only way this could be corrected in a game 10-20 times larger, without having the main character reduced to a horny bunny who humps at every town you reach, was to space out scenes between other characters.

Q) Why is the game so hard once you reach Thebes and the locations after it?

A) The fault really is all mine, I had to take into consideration there would be both new players and gamers who'd be importing their lvl. 20-50 characters from Episode II, which made it very difficult to find a good balance...I still wouldn't say it's impossible though, it just requires better gear management to counter alignments and spells, along with much more strategy, but enemies you encounter during the main story will have their defense nerfed for Golden Edition.

Q) Why is the battle again Altum so difficult, maybe even harder than the final boss?

A) Call me crazy, but I'd like to think Altum has been the real threat and main enemy since the first game, and because of that, I wanted the battle against him to last long and be difficult, making him too easy or too quick to kill would've been so anticlimactic.

Q) Why is everything so expensives when it comes to properties?

A) I really dislike games where you can raise tons of money, but don't have anything worthwhile to spend it on, so I added the option to buy your own upgradable land and properties to let you spend some of that money on when you find yourself with a huge amount of're not to meant to buy everything as soon as you see it, you're meant to spend your money on what you need.

Q) Why doesn't the relationship meter do anything?

A) It does, but people just seem to take for granted that it'll be something groundbreaking, it was only meant to reflect how much the characters like you, I've never said it's there to reward you - and if you're angry about The Daily Fap, just don't, it's a fictional magazine with "their" own views on those women, what the magazines shows and say doesn't have to be the truth, in fact, I even made it tell a few lies to prove the point it's a fictional magazine likely to publish fake news and not based on real journalism.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Planned Golden Edition

Funny how things are, I was getting torned to pieces for delaying the game, and now I'm getting torned to pieces for not adding content I had absolutely no time to add in the first place...internet logic. XD

The main issue being the difficulty spike, it was a deliberate choice I made because without even trying, you could pretty much kill bosses in three turns at that point in the story before the spike.

Golden Edition will address this by lower PDEF (normal defense) on enemies found during locations you have to visit during the story, optional enemies and bosses won't be affected by the change.
New for Golden Edition is the option for you choose between Normal and Easy Mode when starting a brand new game, Easy Mode will be for those who wants no challenge through the storymode and just steamroll through the game.

Golden Edition will also include everything I originally wanted to be in the game in the first place, but didn't had time to add for the release due to...well, how I started this topic. ;)
But when this version of the game will be finished is anyone's guess, I'll likely work on it during my spare time while the crowdfunding for my third game is running.

Check the other most recent blog topic for download links to Legend of Queen Opala II!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Legend of Queen Opala II

You can all stop hitting F5 now, poor website... ;P

Download Link 01
Download Link 02
Download Link 03
Download Link 04

All four links takes you to a different download of Legend of Queen Opala II, the full game.
Doesn't matter which one you pick, they are just there as options. :3

Gah, feels so good to finally be able to put this game behind me now!
Hopefully everything should work just as intended, and you'll all have a smooth ride.
There was still more things I wanted to add, but maybe for a "Golden Edition" or something later on...

Anyway, enjoy the complete Legend of Queen Opala II game! :D

Monday, February 3, 2014

Release Date

All art has now been collected, voice actresses fired and pretty much all lose ends within the game tied up.
This upcoming Friday, February the 7th, I'll be releasing the game around 9PM in GMT+1 time, I believe that is 3PM in USA, eastern coast and 3AM in Australia.

The downside is a big portion of the later half of the game and sex scene won't be voiced, but replacing the voice actresses would take too long to do now.
I may release a new version of the game later down the line with new voice actresses for some of the parts, but that won't be until months from now when (hopefully) the third game is already in production.