Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Emoticon 23

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And today's update distraction is Kythie's standard emoticon, so I'll see you all again next week as always...!

Just kidding, of course. ;3
I'm been hard at work finishing the additional locations included in the next beta for it's release, and I did promise to mention a date in this update, so I can announce it'll be on Sunday! I know that's a bit of a last second for the month, but it'll give me as much time as I can have and the 30th is a bit special since it'll mark the end of the LoQO art contest at HentaiFoundry while doubling up as my birthday at the same time. :D
Although I'm still uncertain if I can get Odidania finished in time, it can be fully explored, but it wouldn't make for a great first impression if it doesn't have NPC's and the finer details added.
You can, however, expect to explore a new region, four new locations, a new boss and some storymode content in the next release! Oh, and of course, Kythie will join your party!

If you were hoping for information on the Osira figurine, I'll be picking up my prototype copy this week so I'll be announcing it for public release/sale during the next update, unless there is something wrong with it.

And with that, I'll see you guys again next week...for realsies, this time!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Osira Figurine

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Alright, so the next figurine is finished and can be previewed below!

As a disclaimer, please don't try to fill her bowl with your own "liquid", it voids the warranty!
I still need to wait for the prototype copy to arrive at my place so I can judge the quality before approving and making it available for purchase to everyone else online. :)
Sadly, it's going to be a bit more expensive since it's not going to be "hollowed" and ship as one single, whole model, no additional parts you'd have to plug in like with Farah.
Laquadia is next in line, and she might be even more expensive due to the high concentration of details of her robes...it's not me getting greedy, it's just the way these things work, more "weight" means a higher price and Laquadia with Farah's tits, plus those robes, is meaty, yo!

Anyhoo, I've finished the last required cutscene I had to do before even considering releasing the beta, so with that out of the way, it's still on schedule for later this month with every additional day I can spare to be used to polish up and add content to the new explorable areas.
Since Odidania is a juggernaut to handle, I'll save it for last and hope I can finish it in time, but it might not make it into the next beta since each city has a huge amount of work tied to them.
The maps are done, but you still have to add light, transitions, NPC's, dialogues, looting spots etc.

So with that, I'll see you again next Tuesday with a confirmed beta release date!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Kythie

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Since episode II of LoQO: Origin has been out for a while now, I don't think it's no longer a huge spoiler to post this character here...although to be perfectly on the safe side, I won't go into the character details in case you reading this is one of the few ones who haven't reached that far into the game yet. ;)

So, during this week I've pretty much exclusively tinkered with the storymode content and worked towards unlocking the eastern region for exploration where all the new locations are added.
Yet, as always, I end up making more cutscenes than I originally intend as I don't want anything to feel rushed, and even have gone back and extented some past cutscenes that I felt didn't brought up everything they should or skipped information because it wasn't available the first time I made the cutscene, for example, Beatrix mentioning Elin when you first talk to her back in Colussia.
That one has been extended, along with the cutscene taking place in Castle Resteed between finishing the temple at Kahr and before going to the Iron Spire, and flesh out some side-stories.

However, I do have something pretty important to ask all of you, this week!

I've been thinking about this for a couple of weeks now, and would like to consider hiring some help for once to work on my game, more specifically, a writer to handle the CG Scenes for the game.
How important is it to you guys that I personally write these scenes? Or would it be enough if I directed the scenes how I want them, but had someone else write the actual descriptions?
I'm not sure if it would make game production any faster, but it would take a big load off my face!

Think about it, let me know, and I'll see you again next Tuesday!

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - WebShop

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Sorry if that attached photo burns your eyes, but my camera has gotten reeeeeally bad and I literally took over 15 photos...and THAT was the best one of the bunch. >.>

Anyway, as you might tell, the figurine I showed off and hinted about before has arrived at my place and I took that photo to give you an idea of how it looks and what size it is!
I would've preferred it to be kinda plastic like most figurines are, but colored sandstone is the next best thing and one of the cheapest options I could find with that quality, so I've set up a webshop so you can order a copy for yourself, if you want!
Out of the $130-ish you'll be paying for the model, I'm actually only earning around $5-6 on each sold copy...so don't go thinking it cost that much because I'm being greedy. xD
And to close that subject, the next figurine in production will be Osira!

In other news, I've been working on creating additional trading cards and adding more story to the game, so when the next beta hits (which should be later this month) you'll be able to get Kythie into your team and pay a visit to the Eastern region of the Beldorian Empire!

Also, while it has nothing to do with LoQO...be sure to catch SGDQ2017 this week! ;D
So with that short but sweet update, I'll see you guys again next week!