Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Kythie Battlepose

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Sorry for the slightly delayed Tuesday update!
However, this week I bring you Kythie's new battlepose to go along with the other ones, and include the "downed" version for her in the game.

Speaking of which, the next beta will be out tomorrow and include the International Version, a fully completed Odidania with new trading cards/illustrations, and of course, the new battleposes with downed variations for both Kythie and Ra'Tiki.

Not really a rich update in terms of sheer text volume, although with a surprisingly large amount I've gotten done since last week.

So with that, the Patreons can enjoy a new version tomorrow and everyone else, I'll see you next week! :D

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Neena

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That cold I catched sure was one persistent son of a strawberry nugget with vanilla flavor...wait, what was I talking about again?

Oh, right! Neena!
No more teasing around, here is the character people have been asking about ever since she went from being a skilled swordwoman and Lord Kross's sister to ending up becoming Eclipse the Horseman's "personal assistant" by the end of LoQOII.
She might not show up in episode III, but the pair will eventually be reintroduced to let returning players settle the score and put an end to that story thread.

In other news, International Edition is now implemented and my focus has turned to finishing off Odidania before next week when I plan to release the latest beta towards the end of the month, as I thought I'd only have time to finish one or the other.
However, for once I'm happy to be wrong as it seems like I might be able to do both! :D

And with that, you know the deal; I'll see you again next Tuesday!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Emoticon 24

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Originally I was going to unveil a familiar face in this update for fans of the previous game who might know about a certain story arch that was left open by the end of LoQO II...
Unfortunately, I caught a cold last Wednesday and been sick ever since with it only starting to clear up now, so I didn't get around to finish coloring her introduction pose yet...

Instead, have some Queen of Harpies boobies with Paellicia's standard expression emoticon! Don't let her distract you during Thanksgiving and make you look at the turkey in the wrong way! No, seriously, don't! D;

And while sick, I still had it in me to do some work so I've been remaking the opening of the game with new graphics, shortened opening legal mumbo-jumbo and totally remade character select/CG Edition layout, which could be previewed over the weekend if you follow me on Twitter.
It'll allow for the "International Version" to finally be played in the next beta and also lays out the ground work for a stream friendly, "Clean Version" that'll censor visually mature content and remove all optional illustrations/trading cards, much like how it was in LoQOII.

Aaaand with that, let me end this Tuesday update by saying the figurine shop have gotten three new items in store, Gabrielle (regular/topless versions) along with a topless alternative of Farah. :)

So, I'll see you guys again next week!

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Paellicia

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Alright, time for one those two new characters I hinted about the other week! And first up is the next "Ultra" enemy to join the ranks of Roseus and Melanoir, with this one being the Queen of the Harpies, Paellicia!
I believe both her and Melanoir will be available and can be fought in the regions accessable within episode III.

And to remind everyone, my goal is to make LoQO: Origin IV episodes to conclude every story thread and pace them nicely together across the game.

As for actual game development, it's been a slow week and I've mostly been arranging/making assets and prepping the game for the inclusion of all the new trading cards and the International Version, which should be included (or very close to it) by the time we reach Tuesday next week!
I think that's about it for now, but be ready to see a familiar face next time!

See you guys at the next update like clockwork!