Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Emergency Pledges/Update

So what I feared all along has come to happen, the Swedish goverement learned of my game and has now decided to cut all my funds which leaves me with absolutely no income until I get the crowdfundings for Legend of Queen Opala - Origin.

This places me in a very difficult position as I am just like any other person, in need for money to food and rent...so now more than ever, please, from the bottom of my heard I desperately asks for your financial help.
That is why I'm opening up three slots for a unique $2,000 "pledge" for my game.
But since I need that money as soon as possible, it can't be added to my Offbeatr page and will be paid directly.

This $2,000 donation allows you to have your own original character be the main protagonist in your own exclusive copy of the game, along with getting all the other Offbeatr pledge rewards from $600 and below.
I'll update this blog entry as the slots are taken, mail me if you are interested and you'll be signed up in the orderly turn it takes for your mails to show up in my mailbox.

All slots taken, thank you very much for the fantastic support!

1. Reserved
2. Reserved
3. Reserved

Signing up for a slot but failing to pay the $2,000 donation gets you replaced by the next person in line.

I'm also accepting the Offbeatr $50-$300 pledges directly through mail now as well, contact me if you want to make a pledge or sign up for a $2,000 slot.

Contact me at - gabriellogan@hotmail.com

Friday, March 14, 2014

Legend of Queen Opala II - Golden Edition

And here we are, the finished version of Legend of Queen Opala II - Golden Edition!
What is new/changed with this version compared to the original game is that this one allows you to select Easy or Normal Mode when starting a new game, the difficulty spike coming towards the third and last part of the game has also been balanced and made easier, along with enemies at that point rewarding double XP.
All bosses and Legendary/Ultima enemies now also drop twice the XP, compared to before.

As for new content, Golden Edition gives you three more sidequests to round up various lose ends and also allows you to buy The Arena of Festival Island when/if you own all the other properties in the game.
You can now also make Opala, Farah or Osira into your wife and have them live with you at Greenfield, this also includes three mini sex-scenes, one for each of the wives.
Greenfield can also be upgraded one more time and allows you to purchase cattle/animals from various places in the world for your pens, if your land have the fence upgrade.

Opala, Farah and Osira all have recieved one more tavern conversation each.
And last but not least, giving presents to females now rewards them with permanent stat boosts, the higher your relationship score is with that woman, the more stats will increase!

Download Link 01
Download Link 02
Download Link 03
Download Link 04

And this should mark the finished stamp on LoQOII.
Now all the attention and focus will be made on the crowdfunded, next entry in the series!
Which can be supported from here - Legend of Queen Opala - Origin


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Legend of Queen Opala - Origin Screenshot

Hey everyone!

Since the crowdfunding is going rather well, I've already started production and is now able to share with you the first screenshot from the game, showing a street from Colussia, the Capital of the Beldorian Empire.

As you also can see, I've learned quite a lot since LoQOII and can now take full advantage of the RPG Maker XP engine.

Take note that this is not a "brushed" screenshot, this is how the actual in-game graphics will look, maybe nNot so impressive compared to some AAA game, but I'd like to think it looks MUCH better than LoQOII. xD