Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Emoticon 10

Tuesday update, last one for the year!
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In the last poll, I asked which game version was preferred in LoQOII, with 1448 votes gathered!

Western Edition
Won by 56%, being 814 of the votes.
Eastern Edition
Second, 42% with 618 of the votes.
Clean Edition
Lost by 1%, being 16 of the votes.

It was even, but maybe more surprisingly, 16 people preferred to play LoQOII with all adult content disabled!
So this week I'm sharing another emoticon, this time of Layla the Mare - Normal Expression.
She plays a very little part in the first episode, but can still be found doing maid duties at the Emperor's Manor, for those who explore and are interested enough.

And as for the game production, this week has been spent on finishing Gabrielle's side activity, which has been appropriately named the Tavern Wench Challenge, where the masked woman challenges every male to a lewd game of drinking! Raise her fame by replacing public posters in towns and see her having to deal with larger crowds as her exploits are growing famous! Oh, and I'm also in the progress of adding more story, with another mini-scene or two being available in the next beta, whenever that hits!

I think the complete version of episode 1 will in total have 5 full scenes, and around 7 mini-scenes.
But that's all for now, Happy New Year everyone!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Adult Farah

Tuesday update, and during the XXX-mas week too!
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In the last poll, I asked what what protagonist you'll most likely play as in LoQO:O, with 1516 votes gathered!

Won by 56%, being 849 of the votes.
Second, 36% with 554 of the votes.
Lost by 7%, being 113 of the votes.

So why don't we kick off the XXX-mas week in a humble fashion by having me present and share adult Farah's "battlepose" from LoQO: Origin! Truly, her outfit doesn't even know the meaning of the word modesty!
For those unfamiliar with the character, she is Queen Opala and Osira's mother, the matriarch of the egyptian family, though retired as a Queen and now serves as Opala's advisor and moral support.

As for the game itself, last beta was sent out during the previous weekend and progression is coming along smoothly! With side-quests and romance scenes being in focus since last tuesday, I'm also in the process of adding Gabrielle's "tavern drunk mini-game", which is kinda like her version of Farah's breast flashing. x3

Anyway, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Trading Cards

Tuesday update, correctly spelled and everything!
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In the last poll, I asked what funding method you preferred from personal experience, with more/less or pretty much exactly 780 votes gathered!

Won by 55%, being 434 of the votes.
Second, 27% with 217 of the votes.
Lost by 16%, being 129 of the votes.

So this past week, I took a comment into consideration and decided to tweak the dice game to also include a way to play for trading cards, effectively really turning them into trading cards, as you would risk to lose one from gambling or if you trade it away against another one.

How dice gambling works with trading cards, is very much like "Lier's Dice" from Red Dead Redemption, although simplified as you first select the trading card you want from the opponent, and he will select one from you, then you toss your dices and simply guess if your opponent will get a higher or a lower score, first to score in three rounds wins the card you selected from the other one!

And of course, cards you lose through gambling or trading will simply re-appear where you first found them, to make sure you'll never hit a point where you can't collect every single trading card.
So this weekend, before christmas, the next beta will hit with the complete title/reward system available, dice gambling and also trading cards added!

And I'll finish off this week by releasing a screenshot of the tweaked dice gambling, made for cards!
(Due to policy changes for all blogs, this preview has been censored)

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Gambling Added

Tuesday update, sweet!

In the last poll, it was asked how LoQO:O should eventually end, with 1661 votes gathered!

Harem Ending
Won by 75%, being 1246 of the votes.
Good Ending
Second, 15% with 250 of the votes.
Bad Ending
Lost by 9%, being 165 of the votes.

It really wasn't a contest, Harem Ending became the obvious winner!

Alright, so let's begin with something really important...
Over the weekend, I finally decided to make and setup one of these - Patreon
If it provides enough fundings, I won't need to go back to Offbeatr and will instead let the workflow and remaining episodes come naturally! I still plan to have yearly releases and everyone who already did pledge money when I crowdfunded the first episode will of course still get their rewards!
So, nothing has really changed in the long run...except maybe making the ride smoother. :D

But enough of that, back to the game related news!

The title/reward system was finished the previous Sunday, at long last! It "only" took two weeks, with a total of 30-40 hours of coding and careful structuring to make it all come together, geez...

And in the time between then and now, I also added a gambling system to the game, with dices added for episode 1 and a upcoming strip-poker kinda game planned for episode 2, with the main females in focus! As of now though, I went the extra mile to spice up the dice game and make it more fun by letting you find/unlock different dices you can use when playing.

Next up, focusing all attention to the story and additional side-quests.
So, let's finish up this week by releasing a screenshot of the dice gamble system!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Title/Reward System

Tuesday update!

In the last poll, it was asked what you look most forward to in LoQO:O, with 1521 votes gathered!

Adult Scenes
Won by 76%, being 1158 of the votes.
The Women
Second, 62% with 954 of the votes.
The Story
Third, 49% with 754 of the votes.
RPG Elements
Third, 36% with 548 of the votes.
World Exploration

Lost by 30%, being 471 of the votes.

What's really interesting about these results isn't what you see...but that 24% of the people who voted, aren't even looking forward to the adult parts of the game the most! ;D

Phew, this has been an insane peroid...I've poured my heart and soul to finalize the title/reward structure of the game, and since I began focusing on this last week, I've spent 25-30 working hours on nothing else but coding it! But I'm almost done with that part, and it's turning out really great!
The "Collection" item you could use since LoQOII to view your statistics has gone through a massive make-up and will be the main window to check on your statistics, titles and unlock rewards.

It's also going to let you view each individual location and be notified if you have cleared it, unlocked art chests, found lost illustrations and if the legendary monster has been defeated.
All titles will also have progression bars, so you know exactly what you need to do, and how much of that you need to do in order to unlock titles.
In turn, earning titles will unlock unique rewards to purchase with Golden Tokens that you can only obtain from the rare monster Golden Beetleblade, but some of the rewards will even increase it's spawn rate and/or alert you upon entering a region if it has spawned at all.

So this whole title progression and reward system should bring out everything that was merely working behind the curtains in previous beta versions, and how it'll work in the finished release. :)

EDIT - After much convincing, I finally decided to make...yup, one of these - Patreon
I'll just stealthily add it here, but will mention it more next week, too busy working on the game for now to make any announcement or detailed description. x3

Best of all, whenever the next beta hits, there is no need to restart yet again for the system to become active! And to finish off this week, here is a screenshot of the new and improved "Collection" item use.