Saturday, December 28, 2013

Arena of Champions

The final big step is thankfully done now, I've successfully coded the arena!
Unlike the first game, the arena is far more advanced this time around with letting you rank up, unlock more battles and different enemies as you progress...and while I may not be able to make it before the game is finished, its coded in a way I could add different tournaments later on.

I also tried to change how trophies/achievements are viewed, but I scrapped it after two days of work because the perfectionist in me didn't quite like the results.
Though it did bring with it some good, if I have time to add it, trophies/achievements could pop up and say exactly which ones you've unlocked when you do, instead of just saying "Achievement Unlocked".

Speaking of the place, if I can raise around $100 within the next few days, I can also add the champion of the Arena into "The Daily Fap" - A magazine you can subscripe to within the game, published by the League of Perverts, which features pretty much all major female characters in it and their dirty secrets... (All art in it is by Sparrow from HentaiFoundry)

Update 1 - $45 already raised!

Update 2 - The goal of $100 has been reached!

Since the goal was reached, "The Daily Fap" will have two unlockable pages with the arena champion in it...don't worry, she is female! ;)

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas!

I hope you've all been naughty this year and wished for Farah to come down your chimney!

In other news, the last two locations for the game is being finished.
This makes it a total of 60 different locations for the full game, compared to the 36-38 that was available by the end of Episode II...and out of all of those new locations, only four are used for the story, everything else is optional.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Art Gallery Remade

Its still going to look exactly the same, but I changed the coding to make it more flexible and to adjust all the illustrations for a certain "reward" you get from the quiz Scholar.
The new coding lets you exit with ESC, activate the "reward" with ENTER and allows you to freely flip between different versions if an illustration has more of them with LEFT/RIGHT.

This is compared with the old coding that simply let you progress forward between variations with ENTER and then automatically backed out to the gallery page overview when you'd seen them all, this makes it easier to flip back and forth between cum and no cum, for those...who wants to!

I also use BIG letters to make it sound more important than it is. x3

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Bad Ending - All Characters

Phew, now all six Bad Endings are done and in the game...!
I also took it to the next level and made it even more complicated for myself, by letting you trigger any combination of Bad Endings or all three of them at once per Edition. xD

For the really sinful people, I guess triggering all three at once would be considered the ultimate Bad Ending.

Though out of the egyptian ladies, can Farah truly ever have a Bad Ending...?
We all know she'll just get adjusted to the situation and enjoy it either way,
as long as it has sex at her disposal.
I guess the REAL Bad Ending for her would be to lock her up with no manhoods or toys for all eternity, but that just wouldn't make it any interesting or would it? x3

Monday, December 9, 2013

Bad Ending - Osira

And now I'm here to report the Bad Endings for Osira are completed and in the game!
Like pretty much all scenes in the game, I wanted to go the route you can't lock yourself out of a Bad Ending, no matter if you're good or bad...but always there, waiting and ready to be triggered if you do the right things.

*Queue Evil Laugh*

It'll be the same for Opala and Farah.
The game will be reset to a point before the final boss after you beat the game, like so many RPG's do, so I was thinking after watching the Bad Endings when you beat the game, it'll revert to a time right before you started on the path, but still giving you credit for whatever Bad Ending you've already triggered.
That way you don't need to feel bad if you think the ending is too evil...

Or you can go through with it again!

*Queue Evil Laugh and Bad Coughing*

Friday, December 6, 2013

Pregnancy/Birthing Finished

After fully dedicating two whole days on the pregnancy system alone, its finally finished!
Trying to explain this in detail would sadly contain story-plot spoilers, so for those who're still holding on and waiting for the full game before playing, don't worry! I won't ruin the surprise for you. :)

But I can hint at potions making you more fertile to increases chances of pregnancy, along with some "medicine" for the wicked that basically alters the essence of the semen and allows you to get the egyptian ladies pregnant with more than just human embarrassment is to be had, since you aren't exactly telling them it's your fault. ;)

Friday, November 29, 2013

Storymode - Finished!

Yup...! Final dungeon, last boss and canon ending, all done!
The last scene, and also considered the bonus one, is also finished with only the art to go with it.

Now I only have to work out how to add in the Bad Endings into that. x3
At first I thought of them as regular endings, but that would make them all impossible to obtain during the three playthrough limit there is, since there are six Bad Endings, two for each Egyptian girl.

So instead, you beat the last boss, get the "core" ending and then you unlock the ability to replay the final boss/ending as many times as you want, while also being able to trigger the variables that changes the Bad Endings, win for everyone...except Osira. >:3

And if I should make more different endings depending on your good/evil status, it does affect the canon ending as it is, so I might add bigger variations as the last thing I do, if there is time.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Milestone Reached

Okay, maybe misleading title...but one of the harder things that were still left is now done,
New Game Plus and New Game Ultra is currently finished and active in the game. :D

All regular scenes are also done since a while back, with only a bonus one left.
Tower of Despair is done, hmm...Still need to make the endings though, post-game content, the pregnancy/birthing system and what will probably be the hardest part, coding the new Arena.
But I think that is all, the rest will just be bonuses with the time I have left, such as more side-quests etc.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Tower of Despair - Finished!

Yes, I finally finished all the damn floors and placed bosses on every tenth, it feels so nice to have that done and behind me now so I can focus on other things. xD

The last dungeon is also all finished, so only the final boss battle remains along with the endings, that January release date feels even more possible now than before!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Osira Lovers - Bad News

The voice actress who've been doing Osira's voice all this time will be leaving her role to someone else, she'll finish all her lines for LoQOII, but she won't be back for LoQOIII or any other game.

She has a valid reason though, but thats an private matter.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Final Dungeon II I managed to finish what I said, within the time I said.
The "downside" is I decided to make it a little more, to avoid that sudden ending and rushed feeling so many games seem to suffer, there were simply too many lose ends and unused material to have it all thrown in at once.

In short, one last dungeon left, one last boss fight left...for real this time! x3

Monday, November 4, 2013

Final Dungeon

Within the next two days, I believe the storymode will be completely finished.
I only have to wrap up the last dungeon, the final confrontation and the ending credits can roll!

This doesn't mean the rest of the game is finished though, but it'll be nice to have that out of the way so I can spend the rest of the remaining time on polishing and finishing up side quests/areas. ^_^

Oh and current map count is 860+

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Unlockable Illustrations

I keep wondering what has been hardest...raising around 250 artworks to be found in the game, or placing said 250 artworks within the game without letting players stumble over one in every darn area. xD

Good thing the game have 700-800 different "maps" then!

Monday, October 7, 2013

LoQO in GTA Online

I made a crew for fans of Legend of Queen Opala, called "Egyptian Cats".
Anyone can join so go nuts if you feel like it! At the time of this update, the crew icon isn't available yet since we all know Rockstar had less than an smooth launch. x3

Monday, September 30, 2013

Estimated Release Date

Unless something goes wrong, I think I dare to predict now that the game will be finished by early January, 2014.
When it comes to the story, only two locations remains before its all wrapped up, and New Game Plus/Ultra should take very little time to add as its only about going over all story points in the game and make sure they'll play again.

What will take time, however, will be finishing all the side-missions, optional locations and beta testing to make sure everything runs as planned!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Tower of Despair

...I'll probably have to scale down the ambitious 100 floors to 50 instead, there is just so many original ideas you can have for every floor before they start looking the same. xD
Or I could copy the first 50 floors and make the last half identical, just with different treasures, enemies and bosses, what do you guys think?

Saturday, August 31, 2013

LoQOII Playthroughs

As some of you might now, it'll be possible to play through the story three times before having to truly restart all over again on a fresh new file.
You have your first playthrough, New Game Plus and lastly New Game Ultra.
To get the most enjoyment, it's recommended to play western edition on one playthrough and easten edition on another, then replay your favorite for the last playthrough.

However, on New Game Ultra you'll be awarded a special item that allows you to instantly flip edition at any time without having to start over, a handy thing to make sure you unlock every scene!

Friday, August 30, 2013

LoQO Wiki

Thought I'd throw this out there for those who doesn't know about it.
It's a fan made wiki full of useful tips and information about both current Legend of Queen Opala games.

And it's worth noting I have absolutely no involvement in it, other than stopping by once in a while.

The Namarian Worldmap

So here is the worldmap for the Kingdom of Namaria in Legend of Queen Opala II, the areas highlighted in white was the maps you could access in Episode II, the rest will be available in the final version.

Don't worry, there are plenty of hidden islands to discover in that vast ocean with the ship you can purchase and manually sail, because this map doesn't show those locations to avoid spoilers, turns out the whole map is originally around 5000x5000 pixels in size.


Fans have convinced me to look into the whole crowdfunding idea, so I suppose I'll be taking a closer look at to see if I might be able to use it for my next project.
After Legend of Queen Opala II is done, I still have ideas for a third game that might star Farah as the main playable character and a spin-off with the cast set in a non-cannon universe.

But first we have to see if Offbeatr supports my country, Sweden!
And their site also mentioned it doesn't support a few things LoQOII has plenty of, but there are of course ways around that.

First Post

Here we are, the official blog for the Legend of Queen Opala series and related news!
Naturally its a bit empty right now, but I'll try to keep it updated once in a while...peace out!