Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Cecily

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The wait is over...!
Ta-daam, let me introduce you to the main character's mom in Legend of Queen Opala: Origin! Named Cecily, she's been working alone on the fields ever since your dream to become a Crusader had you move into the capital to begin your training.
She used to run the farmland along with your father before he passed away when you were still a kid, but being the more reserved woman she is, she never found a new love.

Then as for the game production itself, I'm rather frustrated with myself for being so picky and refuse to just call it done...no exaggeration, but I've played through the second Iron Spire arch myself around 10-20 times now, each run making me change or tweak something juuuuuust a little bit! But I'm throwing in my towel and calling quits now, what I've polished up so far will have to do or I might never move on to the next after the tower. xD
Speaking of which, that'll be my focus before I add Cecily and the homestead to the worldmap.

So remind me to forget about the second Iron Spire arch, and I'll see you next Tuesday! ;3

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Beldorian Knights

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Welcome back, y'all!
This week you'll get to take a sneak peak at the new battleposes for the Beldorian Knights, featuring the newly introduced females fighters in the service who'll naturally have "downed" poses!

...Fu fu fu~

Anyhoo, production is still coming along smoothly, even if it feels a bit slower since I'm still working on the same areas as before.
But the second Iron Spire arch is basically done and I just need to tweak a few things before I'm completely satisfied with the results, and then it's directly onto focusing more on the next part I've more or less been working on at the same time.
I probably can't say much about this next part of the game without spoiling anything, but I'll be able to release a new beta once I'm done, so you can experience it for yourself if you're a supporter!

And with that, I'll see you next week when the protagonist's mom will be revealed! ;3

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Emoticon 26

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Let's kick off the week by having another look at Van with his emoticon, the last Crusader out of the three in employment!

Seemingly cold, Van is the type who joined the service to rise in the ranks and claim glory with his own hands.
Coming from a life of poverty, he never were able to shake off his hatred for nobility due to them being born into a life of wealth and luxury while he had to struggle to simply stay alive as a youth.
This makes him follow Crayden with a deep sense of admiration as he too came from being a nobody to end up as the Commander of the Beldorian Forces.

In game related news, things are coming along really smoothly, even though I'm still working on the sequences taking place around the second Iron Spire...it's basically shaping up to be something akin to the High Lord Gathering and Darkthorn Keep arcs, combined! So there is a reason it's taking a bit of time, even with the cutscenes being marked off one by one.

When I'm done with all that, I intend to go back and work on the part where you head into the Illusian Forest to save Queen Opala, but I'm also considering going further back and start adding parts that'll give more backstory to the protagonist himself, and give him a mom.
Before your eyebrow dart too high up, let me clarify the mom would be a far more "normal" character who isn't as open about sexuality or dress as provocatively as everyone else.
Besides adding a new homestead location where you can actually meet her, I was also thinking of adding dream flashbacks of past events during the few scripted moments you have to sleep.
Like right after meeting Laquadia at the start, during the guest manor in Brightstone etc.
We'll see! It might be a week or two before I officially introduce the mom!

And with all of that, see you during the next update!

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Laquadia Battlepose

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Time for another reintroduction as Laquadia's battlepose in the new art style has been finished and added to the game, and naturally she too have a "downed" variation!

First of all, progression is coming along smoothly and I've managed to finish several more cutscenes as the arc waiting around the corner is a pretty eventful one with a lot of stuff going on and revelations to be made! I've also completed one more mini-scene and plan to have a full one added as well, speaking off...totally unrelated, surely, but what two interractions would you prefer to have with Masquerade if given the chance? ;3

On top of that, I've decided it'll make the most sense if the protagonist goes to rescue Opala in the Illusian Forest after taking care of the first Iron Spire, rather than going straight after the second.
This would also give Kythie more time to "recover" from a story perspective, with this chunk of content being implemented after I've finished the current sequence of events, and basically be the first thing you do when starting off in Episode III.

That's one more update for the road and I'll see you guys again next Tuesday!