Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Naluna

Closing in to the end with only one remaining character left for next week, this time we'll be introduced to a woman who is nearly one big LoQO2 spoiler herself!

Gamers who never played LoQO2, be warned, 
this unveil have heavy spoilers and plot twists!

And with that said, here is Naluna of the ancient Neverus Tribe, one of the main antagonist of the previous game and revealed to be none other than the dark knight Altum from LoQO and LoQO2.

Her true motives are unknown, but being of the Neverus Tribe who are a species unable to have children of their own, Naluna's deep jealousy for Farah and her nickname for being the most fertile woman in Egypt and blessed by the gods, is a thorn poisoning her mind and makes her hate Farah more everyday.

Using what the people of the Namarian Kingdom calls Shadow Spikes, Naluna travels back through time to find Farah before she had any children and brings her to the present to sell the young teenager as a bellydancer for a sleazy club called the Heavenly Fate, located in Colussia, the capital of the Beldorian Empire.
Though for what reason and what she may try to accomplish may only be known to herself...

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Opala

For this week, a character who shouldn't surprise anyone! In fact, it would be borderline criminal to have a Legend of Queen Opala game without including the character with her name in the title!

Queen Opala, the current ruler of Egypt, she gained the throne shortly after the Pharaoh passed away as her mother Farah never had any interest of ruling as a Queen herself.

Guiding her land with love and care, Opala is quite the popular Queen among her people, even though her more relaxed ways only aggravates her elder sister Osira further, who is determined to seize power for herself and rule with a iron fist.

Besides her bloodline, the closest thing to her heart is her beloved pet panther, Sebastilion who is both her protector and lover.
With the permission of the gods, Opala hope to one day be blessed with Sebastilion's cubs, a path of interspecies breeding and close relationships only achieved by her mother before her.

Though even if her passion for Sebastilion runs deep, she is rather easily seduced by flattery and wouldn't mind to share her life with someone she can call her Pharaoh in the lonely Royal Palace.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Gabrielle

And next to show up for the unveil is the girl with simply no luck in her work!

Gabrielle, a failed thief gone from the wrong side of the law to spend a great deal of time between the legs of the outlaws instead...and a few other things!

Surviving both being the only waitress at Gnoll's Trade and serving as a kind of knob polisher at a horse ranch, Gabrielle has learned a lot dressed as a cowgirl and is back to once again try to approach the wrong side of the law, armed with guns and her trademark mask.

Gabrielle was finally able to leave the Kingdom of Namaria behind after a year in the service of various men and now focuses on trying to rob caravans along the highroads of the Beldorian Empire, praying she doesn't have to fire a shot with her awful aim or be fooled into something again with the promise of gold she so highly want.

But what she lacks in common sense, she sure makes up for in spirit and effort! Naturally, by simply showing up during this unveil, also mean she will be available to romance in the game this time around! Keep her for yourself or let Gabrielle repeat the mistake from previous game, who knows what'll be in store for the masked girl...

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Osira

While all the new females have been introduced, there are still a bunch left from past titles who'll reappear again, and first out is the main villain from the very first Legend of Queen Opala!

Self-proclaimed Empress, Osira is one of Farah's daughters and the older sister of Opala.
Filled with jealousy in her earlier youth, Osira tried to assassinate her sister to be sure she would inherit the throne of Egypt.

But she was foiled by Opala's pet panther, Sebastilion, who left her with claw scars across her cheek, a constant reminder of her failure.
Since then, Osira escaped to Greece where she made a pact with the Serpent God, exchanging her soul and offering her body in the afterlife for magical powers.
The catch is that her magic isn't unlimited, and can only be refueled by absorbing monster essence, or in less flattering words, monster sperm.
And ever since, she has gathered all kinds of creatures in her lair to one day claim Egypt for herself.

Her plans were foiled by the protagonist Jake in the first game, and betrayed by her newly acquired allies in Legend of Queen Opala II who were supposed to help her capture Opala and Farah, but instead ended up only using her for their own plans.