Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Emoticon 10

Tuesday update, last one for the year!
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In the last poll, I asked which game version was preferred in LoQOII, with 1448 votes gathered!

Western Edition
Won by 56%, being 814 of the votes.
Eastern Edition
Second, 42% with 618 of the votes.
Clean Edition
Lost by 1%, being 16 of the votes.

It was even, but maybe more surprisingly, 16 people preferred to play LoQOII with all adult content disabled!
So this week I'm sharing another emoticon, this time of Layla the Mare - Normal Expression.
She plays a very little part in the first episode, but can still be found doing maid duties at the Emperor's Manor, for those who explore and are interested enough.

And as for the game production, this week has been spent on finishing Gabrielle's side activity, which has been appropriately named the Tavern Wench Challenge, where the masked woman challenges every male to a lewd game of drinking! Raise her fame by replacing public posters in towns and see her having to deal with larger crowds as her exploits are growing famous! Oh, and I'm also in the progress of adding more story, with another mini-scene or two being available in the next beta, whenever that hits!

I think the complete version of episode 1 will in total have 5 full scenes, and around 7 mini-scenes.
But that's all for now, Happy New Year everyone!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Adult Farah

Tuesday update, and during the XXX-mas week too!
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In the last poll, I asked what what protagonist you'll most likely play as in LoQO:O, with 1516 votes gathered!

Won by 56%, being 849 of the votes.
Second, 36% with 554 of the votes.
Lost by 7%, being 113 of the votes.

So why don't we kick off the XXX-mas week in a humble fashion by having me present and share adult Farah's "battlepose" from LoQO: Origin! Truly, her outfit doesn't even know the meaning of the word modesty!
For those unfamiliar with the character, she is Queen Opala and Osira's mother, the matriarch of the egyptian family, though retired as a Queen and now serves as Opala's advisor and moral support.

As for the game itself, last beta was sent out during the previous weekend and progression is coming along smoothly! With side-quests and romance scenes being in focus since last tuesday, I'm also in the process of adding Gabrielle's "tavern drunk mini-game", which is kinda like her version of Farah's breast flashing. x3

Anyway, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Trading Cards

Tuesday update, correctly spelled and everything!
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In the last poll, I asked what funding method you preferred from personal experience, with more/less or pretty much exactly 780 votes gathered!

Won by 55%, being 434 of the votes.
Second, 27% with 217 of the votes.
Lost by 16%, being 129 of the votes.

So this past week, I took a comment into consideration and decided to tweak the dice game to also include a way to play for trading cards, effectively really turning them into trading cards, as you would risk to lose one from gambling or if you trade it away against another one.

How dice gambling works with trading cards, is very much like "Lier's Dice" from Red Dead Redemption, although simplified as you first select the trading card you want from the opponent, and he will select one from you, then you toss your dices and simply guess if your opponent will get a higher or a lower score, first to score in three rounds wins the card you selected from the other one!

And of course, cards you lose through gambling or trading will simply re-appear where you first found them, to make sure you'll never hit a point where you can't collect every single trading card.
So this weekend, before christmas, the next beta will hit with the complete title/reward system available, dice gambling and also trading cards added!

And I'll finish off this week by releasing a screenshot of the tweaked dice gambling, made for cards!
(Due to policy changes for all blogs, this preview has been censored)

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Gambling Added

Tuesday update, sweet!

In the last poll, it was asked how LoQO:O should eventually end, with 1661 votes gathered!

Harem Ending
Won by 75%, being 1246 of the votes.
Good Ending
Second, 15% with 250 of the votes.
Bad Ending
Lost by 9%, being 165 of the votes.

It really wasn't a contest, Harem Ending became the obvious winner!

Alright, so let's begin with something really important...
Over the weekend, I finally decided to make and setup one of these - Patreon
If it provides enough fundings, I won't need to go back to Offbeatr and will instead let the workflow and remaining episodes come naturally! I still plan to have yearly releases and everyone who already did pledge money when I crowdfunded the first episode will of course still get their rewards!
So, nothing has really changed in the long run...except maybe making the ride smoother. :D

But enough of that, back to the game related news!

The title/reward system was finished the previous Sunday, at long last! It "only" took two weeks, with a total of 30-40 hours of coding and careful structuring to make it all come together, geez...

And in the time between then and now, I also added a gambling system to the game, with dices added for episode 1 and a upcoming strip-poker kinda game planned for episode 2, with the main females in focus! As of now though, I went the extra mile to spice up the dice game and make it more fun by letting you find/unlock different dices you can use when playing.

Next up, focusing all attention to the story and additional side-quests.
So, let's finish up this week by releasing a screenshot of the dice gamble system!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Title/Reward System

Tuesday update!

In the last poll, it was asked what you look most forward to in LoQO:O, with 1521 votes gathered!

Adult Scenes
Won by 76%, being 1158 of the votes.
The Women
Second, 62% with 954 of the votes.
The Story
Third, 49% with 754 of the votes.
RPG Elements
Third, 36% with 548 of the votes.
World Exploration

Lost by 30%, being 471 of the votes.

What's really interesting about these results isn't what you see...but that 24% of the people who voted, aren't even looking forward to the adult parts of the game the most! ;D

Phew, this has been an insane peroid...I've poured my heart and soul to finalize the title/reward structure of the game, and since I began focusing on this last week, I've spent 25-30 working hours on nothing else but coding it! But I'm almost done with that part, and it's turning out really great!
The "Collection" item you could use since LoQOII to view your statistics has gone through a massive make-up and will be the main window to check on your statistics, titles and unlock rewards.

It's also going to let you view each individual location and be notified if you have cleared it, unlocked art chests, found lost illustrations and if the legendary monster has been defeated.
All titles will also have progression bars, so you know exactly what you need to do, and how much of that you need to do in order to unlock titles.
In turn, earning titles will unlock unique rewards to purchase with Golden Tokens that you can only obtain from the rare monster Golden Beetleblade, but some of the rewards will even increase it's spawn rate and/or alert you upon entering a region if it has spawned at all.

So this whole title progression and reward system should bring out everything that was merely working behind the curtains in previous beta versions, and how it'll work in the finished release. :)

EDIT - After much convincing, I finally decided to make...yup, one of these - Patreon
I'll just stealthily add it here, but will mention it more next week, too busy working on the game for now to make any announcement or detailed description. x3

Best of all, whenever the next beta hits, there is no need to restart yet again for the system to become active! And to finish off this week, here is a screenshot of the new and improved "Collection" item use.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Emoticon 9

Tuesday update!

In the last poll, it was asked what exactly makes Farah an attractive woman, with 1437 votes gathered!

Won by 69%, being 998 of the votes.
Second, 49% with 718 of the votes.
Breast Size
Third, 45% with 656 of the votes.

Lost by 28%, being 409 of the votes.

I forgot to add voice to the counting, so I imagine that one might've been...hmm, second or third place, maybe?

And this week I have a new expressions to share, Illumi - Normal Expression.
The mysterious fortune teller who'll always be for assistance if you lose your way, and only asks in return that you'll help her close down corrupted rifts in time and collect Dimensional Shards.
Who knows what kinds of rewards she might offer someone who impress her!

As of last friday, the newest beta was also released to everyone with beta access.
Since it seems to be asked in every update, I'll clear it right away, if you're one of those who wish to donate for the cause and get beta access, just mail me personally and ask about it!
My mail can be found in all of my artworks, or check some of the older blog posts.
I rather not publically display it here, mostly because I have enough spam-mail as it is. x3

That's all for this week!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Update

Tuesday update! (Yes, corrected again!)

In the last poll, I asked which one out of all the available women in LoQO: Origin you'd prefer to romance, with 1791 votes gathered, but sadly, it was also rigged with 100+ votes or so.

Won by 49%, being 893 of the votes.
Farah (Adult)
Came second, 41% of the 747 votes.
Came third, 41% of the 740 votes.
Farah (Young)
Came fourth, 36% of the 649 votes.
Came fifth, 28% of the 518 votes. 
Came sixth, 24% of the 446 votes.
Came seventh, 24% of the 432 votes.
Came eight, 23% of the 419 votes.
Came ninth, 20% of the 368 votes. 
Came tenth, 19% of the 346 votes.
Lost by 17%, being 305 of the votes.

Clearly number one didn't win, due to the rigged votes...which funny enough seem to happend everytime Osira is actually available for voting, I guess her dark ways are spreading!

Anyway, I'm sorry but I never were able to send out a new beta over the weekend!
But since I also predicted it would be either then or during this week, I still haven't made a lier out of myself as I still intend to release the beta during this window.
I just had to do a lot of polishing to make sure there is even less chances people would have to start over again in any other beta release between this one and the full episode 1 launch, due to bugs or glitches...and I'm still juggling around old Vs new blacksmith systems.

This little extra wait will also add a tiny bit more story and make it possible to select all four, finished protagonist variations, compared to only two that would've been available during the weekend! In short, I've worked even harder these last seven days, than being lazy!

So, the next beta will be released this week, for realsies!

That's all for now!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Update

Thuesday update!

In the last poll, I asked which game seems to have the best looking emoticons from what you've seen so far, with 1286 votes gathered this time around!

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin
Won by 87%, being 1127 of the votes.
Legend of Queen Opala
Came second, 6% of the 83 votes.
Legend of Queen Opala II

Lost by 5%, being 76 of the votes.

This pretty much proof there was really no contest. xD
Sadly, no artwork to share with you this week...and no boobs, shame on me!

Then what is new with the game development, you might ask? Well, the Art Gallery has been tweeked and finished, all episode 1 locations have now been added to the game and Illumi is fully implemented! So, now it comes down to adding all the optional art, trading cards and finishing the rest of the story for episode 1 before my focus will shift on adding side-quests and other bonus stuff on the side, before launch. :3

I'm also thinking if I should hold back trophies for a later episode, as they are quite tricky.
The only way to add or edit new trophies into to the game, is to force everyone to delete their current trophy list, which wouldn't be much fun, but at the same time, it's impossible for me to predict at this day exactly what the rest of the game will contain two years from now, and what related trophies it should have.

But on a positive note, I may be changing up the blacksmith system from LoQOII for this one.
Make it far deeper and more polished with added options, which would let you not only craft gear, but also permanently improving weapons/armor and even brew potions etc.
In short, and in theory, the starting weapon could end up becoming more powerful than the last unlockable weapon if you abuse the system to your advantage. x3
And of course...it would fix all the annoying bugs from the old blacksmith system, like how dismantling is actually costing money when it's supposed to give you some. >>;

And to round things up...
Expect the next beta to be available this weekend, or during the next week at latest!

That's all for this week!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Illumi

Thuesday update!

In the last poll, I asked how many of you had donated/pledged to get beta access for Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Episode 1, with 1020 votes gathered this time around!

Won by 78%, being 802 of the votes.
Lost by 21%, being 218 of the votes.

...If you can really call it a win/loss this time, but either way, that's still a lot of people I can win over if I do good and hopefully entice to help crowdfund the two later episodes. :D

And this week I'm sharing the battlepose for Illumi with her final costume design as she'll appear in the game, for those who've forgot or missed out on when I introduced her, Illumi will act as guidance and a fortune teller to keep you updated on where you need to go next in the story, you'll also be helping her collect "Dimensional Shards" across the world for her to close down distorted rifts in time and space...and maybe get a little something in return for your trouble. >:3

So over the past week, I've worked on finalizing the Art Gallery and made quite a few changes that I think will make it easier to navigate, such as letting the top option in the Art Gallery menu take you directly into the gallery for your unlocked art without any sub-options, but also adding Trading Cards as its own option through the main page.

Trading Cards has also been redone for this game, so their thumbnail and gallery layout will be different than before, giving more of an impression that you are actually collecting Trading Cards, with name and card # now being displayed both in the gallery thumbnail and during the pop-up when you unlock a new one!

I'm still a little unsure when the next beta might become available since there is a ton of work being done beneath the hood, so to speak, but I'm working hard every day to make it happen soon!

That's all for this week!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Emoticon 8

Thuesday update!

In the last poll, it was asked how you'd deem the text description placement during the adult scenes, with 1008 votes gathered!

It's been perfectly fine so far
Won by 70%, being 709 of the votes.
Could be lower on the screen
Second, 28% with 285 of the votes.
Could be higher up on the screen

Lost by 1%, being 14 of the votes.

The results surprised me a little, I was getting the feeling the text blocked too much of the scenes, but it sounds like I was among the minority!

And this week the expressions to share is, Farah - Normal Expression.
Surely what people have been waiting for all along, the adult and motherly version of the woman you get to lecture and train on your journey...depending on your choises of course!

As for LoQO: Origin progression, the town of Brightstone is finally completed and the last explorable field with monsters is currently under way too, after that is done, only three ranches/farms/mansions remain before all explorable locations in Episode I is finished! I think that makes it around 28 explorable locations, more or less the same amount as the whole Kingdom of Namaria map (before ship access) in LoQOII. 

Sorry for the light update, but I've catched a cold as of today so I'm a little thick headed. x3
That's all for this week!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Emoticon 7

Thuesday update, yo'h!

In the last poll, it was asked who Trading Cards should focus on in the upcoming game, with 1434 votes gathered!

All Females
Won by 78%, being 1131 of the votes.
Only Gabrielle
Second, 12% with 184 of the votes.
Only Farah

Lost by 8%, being 119 of the votes.

How nice of people to be thoughtful enough to let poor Gabrielle share the loads she otherwise had to take all alone, with the other girls. ;)

This week I have a new expression to share, Opala - Normal Expression.
And she sure has been growing up across the games from the carefree Queen we saw in LoQO to a determined young woman who had to reclaim her nation in LoQOII!

As for the progress on LoQO: Origin, I've been working nearly a week straight now on finishing the noble/political town of Brightstone...I was a little worried at first with how long it's taking, but then again, when I released the first beta after nearly 6 months of work, Port Ronod wasn't even fully completed with missing indoor NPC's!
Towns/Villages naturally takes the longest time to complete among all locations, since I'll not only have to build the places, but also add all the looting spots, stores, NPC's and all of their text.

I'm also introducing a new collectable, gone are the Tablet of History since they are no longer serving a purpose and Ancient Pages due to unlocking enemy stats by simply fighting them, and replacing them instead are Dimensional Shards you'll have to collect for Illumi to help restore time and space...and maybe get on her good side at the same time!

However, the next beta might force players to start over yet again...but for a damn good reason!
I came up with a way for the game to track progress in each individual zone without using a ton of different triggers/variations to tax on the engine, the problem is it can't track what you've already done before it's added to the system.

But I think it'll be worth it, since it'll allow you to check if you have 100% in a zone, meaning you've found all treasure chests, Ruby Coins, mined all ore deposits etc. in that location.

So, that's all for this week!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Emoticon 6


In the last poll, it was asked which Legend of Queen Opala game had the best ending, with 871 votes gathered!

Legend of Queen Opala (LoQO)
Won by 52%, being 459 of the votes.
Legend of Queen Opala II (LoQOII)
Lost by 47%, being 412 of the votes.

So, that is one the original game actually won for once!

Sure, it was close, but hey, you take what you get! xD

And this week I have a new expression to share, Osira - Normal Expression.
The wicked sister who is always looking to obtain the throne of Egypt and rule as the Queen.
Of course, Opala and Farah will come in the following weeks!

As for the beta, the huge scene I've been whining about for weeks, the one with 12 outcomes, is now finally and fully completed with everything added and all variations finished...included the extended scene that'll be available with the next beta version, whenever that might be!

Still have to work on finishing the remaining areas in the next region after Highland Pass though, I think it might be the last region too for episode 1 as it would make for a good stop point between episodes as the game already has 27+ locations to explore and I could use the remaining time to just add content to the places available so far.
The rest of the story for the episode is also all planned out in my head and just needs to be added to the game. :3

It really is way too early to say, but if I had to take a wild guess...
I'd say Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Episode 1 could see a January release, early next year.

But that's all for this week!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Update

Tuesday update!

In the previous poll, you were asked which Legend of Queen Opala game had the best story, with 1040 collected votes!

Legend of Queen Opala II (LoQOII)
Won by 77%, being 805 of the votes.
Legend of Queen Opala (LoQO)
Lost with 22%, 235 of the votes.

This week I don't really have much to report...

The production is currently at a state where I have to finish creating a bunch of new areas before I can continue building upon the story, such as the noble town of Brightstone and the haunted Hollow Gorge, where a terrible accident in the past turned the region into a dead zone.
I hope to give it the creepiest tone I've done so far...but you can only do so much with the RPG Maker engine to make things scary, so I don't think it's going to frighten anyone. x3

On the side, I have three more portraits under production, along with one more battlepose.
If none of them are ready for next week, I'll instead show the second version of the protagonist, out of the four that people will be able to select between when they start a playthrough!
(Either the initial one or any of the infinite New Game Plus runs)

And that is all for this week!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Illumi

Tuesday update!

In the previous poll, you were asked which Legend of Queen Opala game had the best adult scenes, with 1096 collected votes!

Legend of Queen Opala II (LoQOII)
Won by 80%, being 883 of the votes.
Legend of Queen Opala (LoQO)
Lost with 19%, 213 of the votes.

So, I guess that made the results pretty obvious... x3

This week I have a new character to introduce, but whatever she'll be available for romancing or not remains a secret!
This mysterious woman who call herself Illumi will replace Fortuna from the previous games, and will act more as a guide for the protagonist, rather than just giving out secrets like her previous counterpart.

For the players, this basically means you can visit her at any time to get the latest clue for what you need to do or go next to advance the story, in case you forget! I thought that would be much more fun and engaging than just looking at a information briefing in a journal or in the options, but she will at the same time also be part of the main story, and not just be a optional character...

And that is all for this week!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Update

Tuesday update, and I got it right this week too!

So, in the previous poll, you were asked which Legend of Queen Opala protagonist you liked the best, and it collected 1288 votes!

Kai (LoQOII)
Won by 63%, being 818 of the votes.
Jake (LoQO)
Lost with 36%, 470 of the votes.

Let's see, and I hope, if the protagonist in LoQO: Origin will beat them both in the end. x3

I also believe the next beta will roll out this Friday, with three new locations added, two new adult scenes and possibly with the Eastern Edition being activated and available!

I've also remade how scenes are unlocked, thinking back, it didn't really made much sense and spoiled some of the fun when you unlocked "entire" scenes at once, even if you didn't see everything those scenes had to offer when you first encountered it...this should hopefully encourage playing through the scenes multiple times more fun and rewarding.

I mean, more than it already is...right? ;)
So anything else I'll be able to add between now and then will only be a small bonus!

Sorry, nothing pretty and graphic to add with this update.
But I might have a new character to present next week, so stay tuned!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Update

Tuesday update!
And damn straight, I actually spelled it correctly this week!

We'll begin as always to get the last poll out of the way, and this one was about which Legend of Queen Opala game you overall preferred, all things concidered, with 1384 votes collected!

Legend of Queen Opala II (LoQOII)
Won by 75%, being 1047 of the votes.
Legend of Queen Opala (LoQO)
Lost with 24%, 337 of the votes.

I...guess it's pretty clear! LoQOII is concidered the overall best game out of the two so far, but there will be plenty more polls comparing these two in the upcoming weeks, with the current one active by the time this was printed is a challenge between the two protagonists.

So what is new with Legend of Queen Opala: Origin...?
The next beta should hit very soon, and again, it's not really much added content, more of a fix of every bug/glitch reported so far and a lot of placeholder graphics replaced with the real deal, though it will have a few more areas and one, to two, new adult scenes!

It'll also introduce a new, very rare enemy type you only have a 20% chance of encountering each time you enter a region through the worldmap, and zooming between maps won't do a thing.
Though you'll probably be able to obtain some kind of item that makes them spawn more frequently, or perhaps have them show up more commonly the further you get into the game, as these things will have a 100% drop rate for an object needed to unlock content at guilds you can access through obtaining titles.

And to round up the week, have a new screenshot taken from a cliff, overlooking the infamous prison Darkthorn Keep...but I don't think that specific outlook is final, I might add some clouds and such for the final version of the area.

The only thing fake about the screenshot is Farah's comment, that won't be in the game, sorry!

See you next week!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Emoticon 5


Last poll had me ask which one of all the male villains so far in the two LoQO games you liked the most, and it collected 1189  votes!

Won by 48%, being 575 of the votes.
Second with 24%, 291 of the votes.
Third with 8%, 99 of the votes.
Fourth with 8%, 98 of the votes.
Fifth with 6%, 80 of the votes.
Came last, 3% with 46 of the votes.

I should almost be surprised Lord Kross got so few votes...if he weren't such a douche!
And while there are plenty more male villains, most of them had such minor roles, such as Richter, Melforas and Eclipse...but hey, you can't hate them all. xD

So, for this week I'm sharing the last available expression, Masquerade - Normal Expression.
She doesn't have a lot of spotlight in the betas yet, but just like Ra'Tiki, it'll come, be sure of that!
This past week I've pretty much done nothing but improve on what is already in the game, had every reported bug fixed and done a ton of spell/grammar corrections.

Whenever the next beta releases, it'll have a few tweeks, one or two more adult scenes, and hopefully I'll be able to fully unlock the gallery so people can start tracking down and collecting those precious illustrations and get fapping! There should be around 50-60 of them, but you won't be able to unlock all of them at once of course, need to space them out some!

Site-wise, I think I'm starting to run out of ideas when it comes to polls...
So, don't be shocked if I can't think of something next week. ;P
But it had a good run, and I also believe we got most questions out in the air!

I'll see you again next week!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Emoticon 4

Thuesday update, yo!

So in the previous poll you fans were asked who out of the highest ranked women was your top favorite, and this time we got 1679  legitimate votes!

Won by 44%, being 755 of the votes.
Second with 39%, 656 of the votes.
Came last, 15% with 268 of the votes.

Perhaps not too surprising or shocking that Farah won, and to celebrate the victory of the busty mother, have a look at her emoticon for the game, or well, a teenage version of her at least...

Farah (Teen) - Normal Expression.
The first beta has also been released as of last Friday to everyone who donated/pledged, and the overall impression seem pretty good! And at the same time, very few reported bugs...which really surprised me the most with how much more complex this game is, compared to LoQOII.

Next version is not too far away, it will sadly not have a lot of new content, just one more sex scene, one more location and fixes to every bug/glitch reported! But let me tell you...the premise for the next scene/location is the most advanced encounter I've scripted so far!
With a whooping 12 (!) variations that differ depending on choices made up to that point.
So yeah, that is one obstacle taking me a few whole days to get through. xD

See you next week!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Emoticon 3

You know the drill, Thuesday update!

In the previous poll, you fans were asked who out of the new females being introduced in LoQO: Origin was your favorite, and thankfully 1789 people voted with no cheating this week!

Won by 38%, being 689 of the votes.
Farah (Teen)
Second with 33%, 598 of the votes.
Third with 19%, 349 of the votes.
Came last, 8% with 153 of the votes.

Poor Ra'Tiki, having no boobs can't be easy...
Oh, and speaking of the little catgirl, today's upload is her emoticon - Normal Expression.
But of course, it's hard to vote for a favorite character when you only have looks to go on and don't even know how the characters in question acts or what kind of personality they have.

And for everyone waiting, the first beta will finally roll out later this week, I'm aiming for a Friday or Saturday release which should hopefully be enough time to wrap everything up.
People who supported the game on Offbeatr will be getting it through there, and anyone else who donated money after the crowdfunding will be getting a download link to their mail.
I hope new players will enjoy everything I have to offer so far, and that veteran players of the LoQO games will be pleasently surprised by the upgraded visuals and new game mechanics!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Emoticon 2

Thuesday update!

And to present the results from the previous poll, you fans were asked who out of the three original females in the LoQO games was your favorite, and this time 2518 people voted! 

Won by 41%, being 1049 of the votes.
Second with 37%, 938 of the votes.
Came last, 21% with 531 of the votes.

And before people scream bloody murder, yes, there was cheating this time too with Osira getting around 400 votes that won't count, which mean she is actually nearly tied with Opala instead while Farah got a huge win of both of her daughters votes combined!

This week I'm sharing another emoticon from the game, this time Laquadia - Normal Expression.
For some reason the original JPEG emoticon came out slightly grey and tried to download itself as a txt file when you clicked on it, so I've updated with the PNG version instead, should fix it! :3

Otherwise I don't have much news, beta is still coming this month, there are just a few things that takes ages to add and correct, been working two full days on the gallery alone, and that is even though I imported the LoQOII version and focused all attention on modifying the layout instead and better graphics...still took 12 full hours of pure work to add what "little" you can access when the beta finally hit. xD

And that'll be all for this week!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Emoticon

No surprises here, Thuesday update!

So it's time to present the results from the previous poll, you fans were asked what the most important act in an adult scene within the game was and 2349 people voted...it was really close between all options!

Vaginal Sex
Won by 59%, being 1388 of the votes.
Anal Sex
Second with 53%, 1250 of the votes.
Third with 49%, 1172 of the votes.
Fourth with 47%, 1115 of the votes.
Came fifth, 44% with 1050 of the votes.

Came last, 34% with 817 of the votes.

Yes, it does look really fucked up how so many can have such high percentage, but remember that each person could vote on several options this time! Though I'm happy to see Anal Sex doing so well, since it's my favorite! xD

And on the side here is an sample of who'll be doing the portraits for the game, Seth.
He did a few bonus artworks for the previous game, but this time I hired him to draw all female emoticons, and might end up doing some of the male characters too.
What you see here is Gabrielle - Normal Expression.

Speaking about which, earlier I mentioned a kind of mini-game where you can make Farah expose her tits to stranger and earn a little pocket money in exchange, now I'm also working on adding a second feature that involves plenty of men, mugs and taverns...plus adding Gabrielle to the mix.
And the beta for this month is still on the way, I'm just working on polishing a few rough edges so the beta doesn't look like an...alpha build. (harr harr harr)

A little slim news week maybe, but more to come next Thuesday!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Magihound

Thuesday update again, it almost feels like there is one every week!

So let's begin with the results of the previous poll as always, this time you fans where asked if you'd like being able to romance any of the two suggested "furries" listed in a previous update entry.

I wanted to say we had a record count of 8227 votes, but sadly one or more people cheated and rigged the poll with around 1000-2000 votes.

Both of them
Won by 47%, being 3886 of the votes.
None of them
Second with 33%, 2796 of the votes.
Came third, 13% with 1079 of the votes.
Came last, 5% with 466 of the votes.

Since it's a bit harder to judge a clear winner with the cheating, I'd say the result was around 50-50 on if any furries should be available for romance or not.

Either way, the illustration this week is of the new species I'm introducing to the nation of the Beldorian Empire, they're called Magihounds and works as partners for knights in the Beldorian Forces, assisting them with spells for those knights who aren't capable of using magic themselves and being excellent trackers.

This specific one shown in the art is currently named Kythe and belongs to the protagonist, he will also be a partymember you'll gain on your journey!

And that'll be all for this week!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Birthday!

Happy Birthday to myself, today! I'm such a horrible person...

That aside, the poll for this week looks interesting, surely with the help of visual samples.
Last time I asked if you would you like to be able a addition woman, outside of the original nine, the twist being she'd be a furry or not a character included at all, it had a record number of 3822 votes, and this is how you voted! 

No, thanks
Won by 55%, being 2106 of the votes.
I don't approve
Lost by 44%, being 1716 of the votes.

Though it looks like a pair of furry tits, or two sets, will be winning this time!
And if you plan to vote this week and hasn't done it yet, don't forget the two featured furries are just one post below this one in the form of Nipha the Sphinx and Layla the Mare!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Nipha and Layla

Bonus round!

The last poll were really close with a record number of votes, so I thought to elaborate it a bit more by presenting the characters in question to give you fans a better idea of what girls you'd be voting for or against.

On the left side we have Nipha, a teenage Sphinx without wings we've seen showing up in both LoQO and LoQOII, she is the playfull type and would be a potential romancing option.
On the right side we have Layla, the mother of Eclipse, the horseman introduced in LoQOII and one of the villains that didn't get any permanent closure in that game.
She too would be a potential romancing option.

As mentioned, both are potential romancing options as they would take the roll of a shopkeeper you could recruite for your..."home", that is why Latex from LoQOII wouldn't fit in this time.

Now go and make your vote count in the related poll!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Gabrielle

Thuesday update, bet you never saw that coming!

So let's start with the results of the previous poll where I asked if the villain Crayden and his sister Laquadia should have some kind of incest relationship going on, 1086 people voted!

I love the idea
Won by 68%, being 744 of the votes.
It doesn't matter
Came second with 21%, 238 of the votes.
I don't approve
Came last, 9% with 104 of the votes.

That is a pretty big win for love...err, kinda!
As for the poll going on right now, I'll probably have to make it again for next week but mention specific characters instead, along with adding character presentations of the candidates rather than making you people believe they are just some random furries.

As for the state of the Eastern Edition, no final decision has yet been made, it'll either be the same artist staying for this time too, or another japanese illustrator I have waiting to step in if needed.
But I'll still keep you updated if anything changes!

And to sorta celebrate my birthday hitting next week, I thought it would be appropriate to introduce the battlepose for Gabrielle as she'll appear in the game, she has left the life of a Trading Card figure and being a stable mare for a year to try her luck as a highway bandit...but will she be successful...for once? That remains to be seen once the episode is released next year, or already next month for those who helped crowdfund this game and secured themselves playable beta versions which starts rolling out in August!

(But no, it's not the entire Episode 1 in the first playable beta)

Anyway, that'll be all for now!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Masquerade

Here we are again with a brand new update!

In the previous poll, I asked what you'd prefer to see fucking the women in LoQO: Origin and the amount votes this time sure beated the other one with 2646 votes collected!

Won by 37%, being 990 of the votes.
Came second with 24%, 652 of the votes.
Came third with 19%, 524 of the votes.
Came last, 18% with 480 of the votes.

And now onto some bad news...
The japanese artist for the eastern edition might be replaced, or the eastern option might disappear altogether.

Nothing is decided as of yet,
but the work by the artist who also did all the eastern edition illustrations in LoQOII hasn't been able to keep up the quality I expected.
I'm not going into details, but it's not a cost issue and I rather remove things then having stuff that lowers the overall quality of the gaming experience and impression you get from playing.
And this is why I do two "versions" of the game at the same time, for those who have doubted my methods in the past, so I still have something to fall back on in case one versions gets screwed up along production. x3

If something changes or a decision is made during the course of the week before next Thusday, I'll make a extra announcement to keep you updated!

With that out of the way, I can counter the bad news by saying the Western Edition and overall game production is coming along very smoothly with currently two full scenes available, along with three mini-scenes.

I'm also letting you guys take a look at Masquerade's battlepose for the game, the crazy bounty hunter who'll be sent to track down and kill you on your journey...though the very first time you meet her, it'll be on neutral ground and she'll even give your "package" a squeeze!

Unless something comes up, stay tuned for next week!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Crayden

Weekly update, and the poll this time is wickedly even, in the previous one I asked what the preferred manhood size was on the protagonist for LoQOII, 852 votes were collected.

Huge won by 60%, being 517 of the votes.
Bigger came second with 22%, 190 of the votes.
Normal came last, 17% with 145 of the votes.

Anyhow, you might wonder who this guy is on the side, he is the main villain of the game and Laquadia's older brother who'll end up becoming the Emperor of the Beldorian Empire while you'll be wrongfully accused for murdering the previous one and chased.

LoQO: Origin will also feature a new Job Class system with eight different jobs that rewards you with titles for doing various activities you'd do either way, such as killing monsters, collecting artworks, open treasure chests, loot furnitures, ordering Farah to expose her boobs in public, etc.

W-Whoops, maybe I said too much...!

Earn enough class specific titles and you'll rank up, some of those ranks even rewards you with upgraded gear to make the activities easier or more rewarding.

And that'll be all for this week!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Young Farah

New week means new content, ya'll!

With the blog itself, I've now included a poll on the right side of the screen that will renew every Sunday with a new questions to hopefully help me pinpoint what the overall appreciation of former games came from and help make the next one into something as many as possible can enjoy!

Not sure how the new subscription option works, but hopefully it'll notify anyone about new blog entries and not just those with a signed up Google/Gmail account.

But onto game related things instead!
On the side here is what I promised last week, battlepose preview of teen Farah wearing her standard, dancer outfit.
I aim to let her wardrobe be rather large and lovely, but I can't promise too much as I hope to have it be one of the stretch goals for when I run the Episode 2 crowdfunding next year.

Though I can tease with letting you people know it'll be possible to convince/demand Farah to wear nothing at all as well, depending on how much she likes/trust you or what paths you've taken throughout the game, up to the point where she joins your party...

And to round things off, my birthday is coming up at the end of this month, July the 30th.
So I expect plenty of Gabrielle related gifts or I'll be sad and unloved...just kidding! ^_^

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - The Protagonist

As promised last week, here is the first look of the main protagonist you'll be playing as in the game.
Even if you don't happen to like this design, I'd like to remind you there will be three other character to choose between.

This one is simply refered to as "White/Good".
With "White/Evil", "Black/Good" and "Black/Evil" also being available...so yeah, first LoQO game you get to pick the skin color of your character!
The title descriptions for the characters doesn't lock you into a good/evil alignment though, that will of course be left up for you to shape as you play through the game.

And I can say already now the game will reflect your alignment much more than it ever did in LoQOII, most focus being put in how the main character talk and interract with other people.
But that is something I'm letting you discover for yourself later!

As for the main character and the variations of him, they'll all share the same pose, clothes and weapons, but their faces, heads and hair will be different for each one...and since the crowdfunding reached the goal for extended wardrobe, this outfit will merely be the starting costume as it's the Crusader costume for the Beldorian Forces.

Next week I'm going to let you have a peek at teen Farah and her battlepose!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Update

Time for another update, and to give you fans something more to look at than just boring text, I'm letting you have a sneak peek at Laquadia's battlepose for the game while wearing her High Priestess robes.

As anyone can clearly see, it leaves litte to the imagination, I hear the outfit is quite the hit as the Jadeite Order never had so many young men joining up before!

In other news, the game is growing by the day and the story is shaping up as the production keep going!
So far the game has eight different locations, the capital of Colussia which is the home of the imperial castle, the Jadeite Order Cathedral and the adult club Heavenly Fate.
Among other locations we have the prison fortress Darkthorn Keep, the village Caimridge, Port Ronod, Lake Fairlight, Rivulet Hills, Fellhorn Ruins and one unnamed lighthouse location.

Fans of LoQOII will also notice this game won't have Ancient Pages which unlocked monster details in your journal, instead, I went for a much smoother version that lets monsters you defeat for the first time to automatically be added, you're also notified when a importart character is added to the list of people you've met.
Enemies will also have a health/magic bar displayed in battle so you can tell how much more it'll take before you are victorious or if it might be a good idea to turn tail and flee, though bosses won't have it visible.

Good/Evil Alignments are also worked into the game from the very start, and while it doesn't drastically change the story, at least not so far, you will notice the protagonist uses more hostile tones if you are evil and will treat others with less respect, some characters will also take your alignment into consideration.

And that is all for now, next update will hopefully include a preview of the main character!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Boob-Chart

To celebrate I officially received the first part of the crowdfunding budget, have plenty of boobs!
This chart was made by the japanese artist who'll be doing the eastern edition of the game, he was also the one who did all of that for LoQOII as well.

Explaining it, the amount I managed to get through you fans on Offbeatr was more than avarage so they had to split the money into three transactions, first part is now safely secured on my account with part two on the way and the last part likely handed out later this week.

So now I can also officially announced the production of Legend of Queen Opala: Origin, woot!
Though I have of course been working my ass off for every single day since I started the crowdfunding, the game already has around six different locations and one complete sex scene.
If you've played any of my previous game in this series, new to this game is the introductions of mini scenes and titles.

Titles is just what it sounds like, something you'll be awarded for doing various things in the world.
Some of these titles will unlock bonus content from the appropriate guilds, like slaying monsters and gaining titles for that would give you rewards at the Monster Hunter guild etc.
It'll also help you know if a Legendary Monster is triggered to appear.

Mini scenes on other hand is basically single illustration scenes, it can be anything from peeping to ask for a quick favor, but naturally focused on the main female cast.
This allows me to add many more varied scenes without "having to" write up a whole scene for each one, as a mini scene could just be a few lines of description.

So stayed tuned for more information and enjoy the boobs!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Adult Farah

And it's time for the final character unveil, someone all fans of the previous games probably should've been able to see coming from a mile away! (Not just because of her breast size)

Farah, mother of Opala and Osira.
When Osira isn't trying to claim the throne of Egypt or anyone else threatening the peace, Farah enjoys living a rather calm life in the Royal Palace and being Queen Opala's adviser.

Being very fond of personaly taking care of the royal stables and all of its stallions, Farah also is jokingly nicknamed the Mount of Egypt by the people due to having the biggest breasts in the land.
And the years have been kind to her throughout her whole life, she is as flexible and sexually hungry as she was as a teen...if not even more now with her experience, which has only made her a even better lover.

And with that, all characters the protagonist can romance has been presented to the public!

More may come with later episodes but I wanted to keep the list managable and not promise more than I can handle, so even if none of your favorite characters showed up this time, that doesn't mean they're down for the count!

Any by the time of this post, I should finally have the game budget available to me any day now, so I'll be sure to make a official statement as soon as I have it! There is also the boobchart I hinted at earlier, and that too will be posted soon enough, along with details and new feature for the game!
Because even if I haven't had access to the crowdfunding budget, I've still worked hard on the game every single day and even spent my own money to get some of the content done in the meantime.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Naluna

Closing in to the end with only one remaining character left for next week, this time we'll be introduced to a woman who is nearly one big LoQO2 spoiler herself!

Gamers who never played LoQO2, be warned, 
this unveil have heavy spoilers and plot twists!

And with that said, here is Naluna of the ancient Neverus Tribe, one of the main antagonist of the previous game and revealed to be none other than the dark knight Altum from LoQO and LoQO2.

Her true motives are unknown, but being of the Neverus Tribe who are a species unable to have children of their own, Naluna's deep jealousy for Farah and her nickname for being the most fertile woman in Egypt and blessed by the gods, is a thorn poisoning her mind and makes her hate Farah more everyday.

Using what the people of the Namarian Kingdom calls Shadow Spikes, Naluna travels back through time to find Farah before she had any children and brings her to the present to sell the young teenager as a bellydancer for a sleazy club called the Heavenly Fate, located in Colussia, the capital of the Beldorian Empire.
Though for what reason and what she may try to accomplish may only be known to herself...

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Opala

For this week, a character who shouldn't surprise anyone! In fact, it would be borderline criminal to have a Legend of Queen Opala game without including the character with her name in the title!

Queen Opala, the current ruler of Egypt, she gained the throne shortly after the Pharaoh passed away as her mother Farah never had any interest of ruling as a Queen herself.

Guiding her land with love and care, Opala is quite the popular Queen among her people, even though her more relaxed ways only aggravates her elder sister Osira further, who is determined to seize power for herself and rule with a iron fist.

Besides her bloodline, the closest thing to her heart is her beloved pet panther, Sebastilion who is both her protector and lover.
With the permission of the gods, Opala hope to one day be blessed with Sebastilion's cubs, a path of interspecies breeding and close relationships only achieved by her mother before her.

Though even if her passion for Sebastilion runs deep, she is rather easily seduced by flattery and wouldn't mind to share her life with someone she can call her Pharaoh in the lonely Royal Palace.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Gabrielle

And next to show up for the unveil is the girl with simply no luck in her work!

Gabrielle, a failed thief gone from the wrong side of the law to spend a great deal of time between the legs of the outlaws instead...and a few other things!

Surviving both being the only waitress at Gnoll's Trade and serving as a kind of knob polisher at a horse ranch, Gabrielle has learned a lot dressed as a cowgirl and is back to once again try to approach the wrong side of the law, armed with guns and her trademark mask.

Gabrielle was finally able to leave the Kingdom of Namaria behind after a year in the service of various men and now focuses on trying to rob caravans along the highroads of the Beldorian Empire, praying she doesn't have to fire a shot with her awful aim or be fooled into something again with the promise of gold she so highly want.

But what she lacks in common sense, she sure makes up for in spirit and effort! Naturally, by simply showing up during this unveil, also mean she will be available to romance in the game this time around! Keep her for yourself or let Gabrielle repeat the mistake from previous game, who knows what'll be in store for the masked girl...

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Osira

While all the new females have been introduced, there are still a bunch left from past titles who'll reappear again, and first out is the main villain from the very first Legend of Queen Opala!

Self-proclaimed Empress, Osira is one of Farah's daughters and the older sister of Opala.
Filled with jealousy in her earlier youth, Osira tried to assassinate her sister to be sure she would inherit the throne of Egypt.

But she was foiled by Opala's pet panther, Sebastilion, who left her with claw scars across her cheek, a constant reminder of her failure.
Since then, Osira escaped to Greece where she made a pact with the Serpent God, exchanging her soul and offering her body in the afterlife for magical powers.
The catch is that her magic isn't unlimited, and can only be refueled by absorbing monster essence, or in less flattering words, monster sperm.
And ever since, she has gathered all kinds of creatures in her lair to one day claim Egypt for herself.

Her plans were foiled by the protagonist Jake in the first game, and betrayed by her newly acquired allies in Legend of Queen Opala II who were supposed to help her capture Opala and Farah, but instead ended up only using her for their own plans.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Ra'Tiki

And time for the last "new" female for the LoQO: Origin character unveil!
Ra'Tiki is a catgirl from the all female Tiki Tribe, natives of the woods and forests who usually also are great huntresses and shamans.

Despite her small frame and just being half the size of a normal human, Ra'Tiki is quite the adult tomboy with a fascination of mankind and their incredibly short life span...well, short compared to her own species who lives for thousand years.
But she does at the same time despise humans for their lack of respect for nature and what the earth gives them, this fear and interest has made her avoid all human settlements and cities/town.

Ra'Tiki will be a character you meet on your journey who'll be joining your team as a spell caster.

And now five more girls remain for five more weeks.

But those will be women that were introduced in the previous game, three which were already in the original Legend of Queen Opala as well.

I'll finish off this week's unveil by advertising another game currently running a Offbeatr project.
It is a monster breeding kind of game, but you'd probably better find out all the details on your own, I thought it wouldn't hurt to help out a fellow adult game studio!

Click to Visit!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Masquerade

Time for the third woman in this little LoQO: Origin character unveil series!

Presenting Masquerade, a psychotic and naturally crazy bounty hunter who'll be hired to track down the main protagonist at a certain point in the story.

Weapon of choise are knives, plenty of them,
and she enjoys stalking her preys, letting them know she's close enough for a kill by the jingling her bells give away while moving.
So she might be a re-occuring enemy you have to fight off several times, but not only in the traditional way...

She isn't necessarily evil, but being more or less a maniac does make good/evil and right/wrong blend together in a way that probably only she understands.

And she isn't shy about who or what she does once getting horny either, much like where or when, a dangerous combination!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Laquadia

And we're into the second woman of the LoQO: Origin characters unveil event!

This time we're introduced to Laquadia, high priestess of the church of the Beldorian Empire and sister to the main antagonist of the game who'll rather early become the new Emperor after having the previous one killed and blaming you for the deed.

Laquadia is also the first woman you'll be able to romance, and this will happen within the first ten minutes of gameplay, as I aim to remove one of the more common complaints about the past two games, that the adult action takes too long to trigger.
Of course, that is one encounter you might miss though if you play it too cool and isn't taking advantage of a presented situation...

But make no mistake, while she is a high priestess, she has no intentions to serve or help people in need, she is merely using the position to gain power, Laquadia is a cunning and plotting woman with a mysterious dark aura to her.

She also has a bust size that might even rival Farah herself!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Young Farah

So the upcoming couple of weeks, I thought I'd introduce some of the cast for LoQO: Origin!
Well, at least some of the more important female characters to begin with... ;)

I'd also like to point out that every female character I'll present here will also be available for romancing at least once in the game.
That will be a big difference from my past two games, sex/romancing won't be restricted to just the egyptian royal family anymore, but most of the female cast.

And of course, we'll start with Farah!
Or rather, the young/teen version of Farah we'll be introduced to in LoQO: Origin, she'll both play a part of the main story and also be a active partymember once she has been located.

Her weapon of choice will be a bow/crossbow, a skill she inherited from her real parents she were taken from when she was far too young to remember, but also a skill she never really had to use in her adult life since she later became the Queen of Egypt.
And for those unfamiliar with her, she also became the mother of the two daughters she got with the Pharaoh, Opala and Osira.

She also had a third "child" named Nehas that might be more or less of a mystery for anyone who goes through her history.

And don't worry, even though this young version of Farah will play a important role in the game, her adult version, along with Opala and Osira, will all be in the game too!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Main Character Voiced (Updated)

Good news, I can proudly say I've been able to hire Arnold Schwarzenegger to do the voice of the main character of Legend of Queen Opala - Origin!

Kaiser Snauss, a retired soldier who gets framed for murder and finds himself in the middle of a plot to kidnap Farah from the past with help of his sidekick, a talking meatball.
I'm currently trying to get Sylvester Stallone for that part.

And if you haven't guessed it already - April's Fool Day! :D

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Emergency Pledges/Update

So what I feared all along has come to happen, the Swedish goverement learned of my game and has now decided to cut all my funds which leaves me with absolutely no income until I get the crowdfundings for Legend of Queen Opala - Origin.

This places me in a very difficult position as I am just like any other person, in need for money to food and rent...so now more than ever, please, from the bottom of my heard I desperately asks for your financial help.
That is why I'm opening up three slots for a unique $2,000 "pledge" for my game.
But since I need that money as soon as possible, it can't be added to my Offbeatr page and will be paid directly.

This $2,000 donation allows you to have your own original character be the main protagonist in your own exclusive copy of the game, along with getting all the other Offbeatr pledge rewards from $600 and below.
I'll update this blog entry as the slots are taken, mail me if you are interested and you'll be signed up in the orderly turn it takes for your mails to show up in my mailbox.

All slots taken, thank you very much for the fantastic support!

1. Reserved
2. Reserved
3. Reserved

Signing up for a slot but failing to pay the $2,000 donation gets you replaced by the next person in line.

I'm also accepting the Offbeatr $50-$300 pledges directly through mail now as well, contact me if you want to make a pledge or sign up for a $2,000 slot.

Contact me at - gabriellogan@hotmail.com

Friday, March 14, 2014

Legend of Queen Opala II - Golden Edition

And here we are, the finished version of Legend of Queen Opala II - Golden Edition!
What is new/changed with this version compared to the original game is that this one allows you to select Easy or Normal Mode when starting a new game, the difficulty spike coming towards the third and last part of the game has also been balanced and made easier, along with enemies at that point rewarding double XP.
All bosses and Legendary/Ultima enemies now also drop twice the XP, compared to before.

As for new content, Golden Edition gives you three more sidequests to round up various lose ends and also allows you to buy The Arena of Festival Island when/if you own all the other properties in the game.
You can now also make Opala, Farah or Osira into your wife and have them live with you at Greenfield, this also includes three mini sex-scenes, one for each of the wives.
Greenfield can also be upgraded one more time and allows you to purchase cattle/animals from various places in the world for your pens, if your land have the fence upgrade.

Opala, Farah and Osira all have recieved one more tavern conversation each.
And last but not least, giving presents to females now rewards them with permanent stat boosts, the higher your relationship score is with that woman, the more stats will increase!

Download Link 01
Download Link 02
Download Link 03
Download Link 04

And this should mark the finished stamp on LoQOII.
Now all the attention and focus will be made on the crowdfunded, next entry in the series!
Which can be supported from here - Legend of Queen Opala - Origin


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Legend of Queen Opala - Origin Screenshot

Hey everyone!

Since the crowdfunding is going rather well, I've already started production and is now able to share with you the first screenshot from the game, showing a street from Colussia, the Capital of the Beldorian Empire.

As you also can see, I've learned quite a lot since LoQOII and can now take full advantage of the RPG Maker XP engine.

Take note that this is not a "brushed" screenshot, this is how the actual in-game graphics will look, maybe nNot so impressive compared to some AAA game, but I'd like to think it looks MUCH better than LoQOII. xD

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Wanted - Japanese Translator

Since my previous translator got more and more work on the side as time went on, I'll need one or two new japanese/english translators to help me communicate with artists and the CG illustrator for the eastern edition, you'll get paid for the work too!
The only requirement is that you are fairly good at it, and not just learned a sentence or two out of a JAV movie. x3

If you want to try out for the job and earn a spot in the Legend of Queen Opala - Origin credits for your work once the game is completed, e-mail me -
gabriellogan at hotmail dot com.

Also, reposting links for Legend of Queen Opala II since it's now fallen off the front page.

Download Link 01
Download Link 02
Download Link 03
Download Link 04

Monday, February 24, 2014

Crowdfunding - Step 3 (Updated)

Legend of Queen Opala - Origin is now officially launched!

Click here to support the project!

In terms of Golden Edition for LoQOII, I believe I'm getting close to the finish line.
Captain Durrow is wrapped up, Bal'Rana and Za'Nina are wrapped up, romance is wrapped up, Greenfield is wrapped up...and by God, even the missing women of Tel Ravida is now wrapped up as well!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Legend of Queen Opala - Origin Ideas

First of all, please make sure to check the previous blog entry if you haven't already and follow the link to cast your vote for Legend of Queen Opala - Origin over at Offbeatr!

I must just say I'm slowly starting to realize how much I was limited in LoQOII, believe it or not.
The closer the Legend of Queen Opala - Origin gets to the needed vote number, the more I understand how much more I can do with a game when I have that amount of money I'm aiming for...I'm talking original battleposes, sprite pixels and such for the game.
In the recent few days, that has made me overflow with ideas and excitement for the next game!

As I'd be allowed to create a fully designed protagonist, without having to choose between already made poses, and create enemies not found in any other RPG Maker game before mine, so here is a few of the ideas I'll put into LoQO - Origin if I'm allowed to reach the funding goal.

The game will take place in the Beldorian Empire, located to the far west of Namaria, making it possible Festival Island "could" be one location shared between the Beldorian Empire and the Kingdom of Namaria.
While the two countries are somewhat similuar, the Beldorian Empire is more advanced and have perfected steam machines, which is used within the army as they prepare for war with a mysterious, unknown menace slowly overtaking Namaria and spreading closer by the day.
(Though not a very unknown menace, if you've finished LoQOII)

Unlike previous games, both the protagonist and main antagonist will change outfits as the game progress, with the protagonist of course being able to switch whenever he wants, changing costumes doesn't only change colors, but can be anything from armor to civilan clothing, changing both how the character looks while exploring, as well as in battle.

In short...All I can say is, I have big plans. :D

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Crowdfunding - Step 2 (Updated)

Alright, time to put the show to the road, vote collecting has now begun for Legend of Queen Opala - Origin over at Offbeatr!

Cast a vote, click here!

And here is a update to the Golden Edition version.
Greenfield Lands will have one last building you can add where all your party members gather, you'll also be able to purchase various farm animals from different places to fill out your pens.

Opala, Osira and Farah will also all have one final added dialogue each at taverns where you can have them become your wife, which will in turn have them come live with you at your land.

The sequences that triggers pregnancy/birth chance also has be expanded so they play out more like a mini-scene with supported CG, although recycled from the main game, than just fading to black, its optional to watch the scene each time you sleep with a girl or not.

All enemies from Thebes and past that point also has nerfed defense/attack and rewards with twice the XP, all the Ultimas and Legendary Monsters will also reward the player with twice the XP.
The game will also allow you to choose between Normal and Easy difficulty when you start a brand new game, Easy difficulty gives you a large boost to some stats and lets you begin the game at lvl. 50.

Gifting items to partymembers will also give them permanent stat raises, more boosts are awarded, the higher your relationship score is with the character in question.
A new sidequest named Durrow's Lament will also be available, with more planned.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Crowdfunding - Step 1 (Updated)

The concept for "Legend of Queen Opala - Origin" has been approved by Offbeatr!
This mean I'll very shortly open a project that first needs a bunch of votes before it can become a real project and allow me to start accepting funds.

You can be sure I'll post a Step 2 topic when the project is open and in need of voting. x3
On the downside, it seems like I have to personally pay a listing fee of $600 to even have the project go into crowdfunding phase after recieving enough votes, and if I don't hit the initial goal which will be $30,000, the $600 isn't even returned to me...I'll have to ask around for people who've been generous in the past. ^^


Over the course of the days since the launch of Legend of Queen Opala II, I've got a lot of questions and statements about the game, and thought it might be a good idea to clear some of that up!
But be warned, some of it may contain story spoilers!

Q) Why can't I romance anyone in the party?

A) For several reasons, the main issue being adding a scene to the game cost $100-500 and takes a month to finish, since the artists who worked on the game didn't do it for free and had lives of their own.
I also didn't want the main protagonist to simply be Jake 2.0 from the first game, basically a pervert who is out to hump everyone in his path.

Q) Why doesn't the game has a branching story like the first game?

A) The first game was about the same size as the starting point from the main protagonist's house to Frontier Aqueduct and the areas in between, but Legend of Queen Opala II is 10-20 times bigger than that.
Making a branching story would take such a huge amount of time when you consider the sheer size and the fact which party members you have with you, and any combination of them, all affect the conversations spoken across the story.

Q) Why can't I marry Opala, Farah or Osira like in the first game?

A) There wasn't enough time to add that feature in the game since fans were getting too impatient and I needed to move on and focus on a third game instead, but it'll be in the Golden Edition version.

Q) Why isn't there any end-game content after the last boss where we live with the choices we made?

A) Because I wanted everyone to have the chance to unlock all the Bad Endings, and they aren't exactly endings if you can continue to play after them, now are they? But there was also the fact I didn't want players to accidently lock themselves into a Bad Ending and permanently lose partymembers and love interests because of it, with no posibility to have them return without starting a new playthrough.

Q) Why isn't there a evil ending for the main character where he takes over Egypt?

A) This worked in the first game because you had Osira use her minions to take over, and then you could betray her, it would be harder for the main protagonist to suddenly rise to power as Pharaoh within this game since the Egyptian Army is still around, and has no reason to suddenly start following him.

Q) Why are there so few scenes between the protagonist and the egyptian girls?

A) In the first game, players complained the scenes were too far apart, the only way this could be corrected in a game 10-20 times larger, without having the main character reduced to a horny bunny who humps at every town you reach, was to space out scenes between other characters.

Q) Why is the game so hard once you reach Thebes and the locations after it?

A) The fault really is all mine, I had to take into consideration there would be both new players and gamers who'd be importing their lvl. 20-50 characters from Episode II, which made it very difficult to find a good balance...I still wouldn't say it's impossible though, it just requires better gear management to counter alignments and spells, along with much more strategy, but enemies you encounter during the main story will have their defense nerfed for Golden Edition.

Q) Why is the battle again Altum so difficult, maybe even harder than the final boss?

A) Call me crazy, but I'd like to think Altum has been the real threat and main enemy since the first game, and because of that, I wanted the battle against him to last long and be difficult, making him too easy or too quick to kill would've been so anticlimactic.

Q) Why is everything so expensives when it comes to properties?

A) I really dislike games where you can raise tons of money, but don't have anything worthwhile to spend it on, so I added the option to buy your own upgradable land and properties to let you spend some of that money on when you find yourself with a huge amount of gold...you're not to meant to buy everything as soon as you see it, you're meant to spend your money on what you need.

Q) Why doesn't the relationship meter do anything?

A) It does, but people just seem to take for granted that it'll be something groundbreaking, it was only meant to reflect how much the characters like you, I've never said it's there to reward you - and if you're angry about The Daily Fap, just don't, it's a fictional magazine with "their" own views on those women, what the magazines shows and say doesn't have to be the truth, in fact, I even made it tell a few lies to prove the point it's a fictional magazine likely to publish fake news and not based on real journalism.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Planned Golden Edition

Funny how things are, I was getting torned to pieces for delaying the game, and now I'm getting torned to pieces for not adding content I had absolutely no time to add in the first place...internet logic. XD

The main issue being the difficulty spike, it was a deliberate choice I made because without even trying, you could pretty much kill bosses in three turns at that point in the story before the spike.

Golden Edition will address this by lower PDEF (normal defense) on enemies found during locations you have to visit during the story, optional enemies and bosses won't be affected by the change.
New for Golden Edition is the option for you choose between Normal and Easy Mode when starting a brand new game, Easy Mode will be for those who wants no challenge through the storymode and just steamroll through the game.

Golden Edition will also include everything I originally wanted to be in the game in the first place, but didn't had time to add for the release due to...well, how I started this topic. ;)
But when this version of the game will be finished is anyone's guess, I'll likely work on it during my spare time while the crowdfunding for my third game is running.

Check the other most recent blog topic for download links to Legend of Queen Opala II!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Legend of Queen Opala II

You can all stop hitting F5 now, poor website... ;P

Download Link 01
Download Link 02
Download Link 03
Download Link 04

All four links takes you to a different download of Legend of Queen Opala II, the full game.
Doesn't matter which one you pick, they are just there as options. :3

Gah, feels so good to finally be able to put this game behind me now!
Hopefully everything should work just as intended, and you'll all have a smooth ride.
There was still more things I wanted to add, but maybe for a "Golden Edition" or something later on...

Anyway, enjoy the complete Legend of Queen Opala II game! :D

Monday, February 3, 2014

Release Date

All art has now been collected, voice actresses fired and pretty much all lose ends within the game tied up.
This upcoming Friday, February the 7th, I'll be releasing the game around 9PM in GMT+1 time, I believe that is 3PM in USA, eastern coast and 3AM in Australia.

The downside is a big portion of the later half of the game and sex scene won't be voiced, but replacing the voice actresses would take too long to do now.
I may release a new version of the game later down the line with new voice actresses for some of the parts, but that won't be until months from now when (hopefully) the third game is already in production.

Friday, January 31, 2014

Slight Delay

Normally I only make a blog when I actually have something to add, but since I'm spammed left and right when the game will be out, I'll have to say there is a slight delay.

I still don't have everything to finish the game, but the delay won't be long!

...Maybe I should just be evil and say the game is delayed to 2015, so I can work in in peace and suddenly release the game next week instead. x3

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Introducing a New Feature

This was more or less going to be used as a new feature for the next game, but between waiting for the last few Western Edition illustrations for the birthing/pregnancy system, the last record lines from a few of the voice actresses and spending days fixing/perfecting spellings...I decided to use some of the time to introduce the new feature for this game instead!

Property purchase, letting you buy and own every blacksmith, tavern, inn etc. in the game!
Different businesses also gives different bonuses, like free drinks, sleeping for free, increased stock and so on, so not just for show and/or personal satisfaction.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Almost Finished!

We're nearly there, all loose ends in-game are now tied up and pretty much all the content is there with the only exception of adding some side-quests to make a few areas feel less empty...and I still need to get a few of the CG scene illustrations sent to me so they can be finished as well.

So if I had to give a number, I'd say the game is completed by 99,9%. :3
But yeah, I'm fairly sure everything else in the game is done now!