Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Emoticon 9

Tuesday update!

In the last poll, it was asked what exactly makes Farah an attractive woman, with 1437 votes gathered!

Won by 69%, being 998 of the votes.
Second, 49% with 718 of the votes.
Breast Size
Third, 45% with 656 of the votes.

Lost by 28%, being 409 of the votes.

I forgot to add voice to the counting, so I imagine that one might've been...hmm, second or third place, maybe?

And this week I have a new expressions to share, Illumi - Normal Expression.
The mysterious fortune teller who'll always be for assistance if you lose your way, and only asks in return that you'll help her close down corrupted rifts in time and collect Dimensional Shards.
Who knows what kinds of rewards she might offer someone who impress her!

As of last friday, the newest beta was also released to everyone with beta access.
Since it seems to be asked in every update, I'll clear it right away, if you're one of those who wish to donate for the cause and get beta access, just mail me personally and ask about it!
My mail can be found in all of my artworks, or check some of the older blog posts.
I rather not publically display it here, mostly because I have enough spam-mail as it is. x3

That's all for this week!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Update

Tuesday update! (Yes, corrected again!)

In the last poll, I asked which one out of all the available women in LoQO: Origin you'd prefer to romance, with 1791 votes gathered, but sadly, it was also rigged with 100+ votes or so.

Won by 49%, being 893 of the votes.
Farah (Adult)
Came second, 41% of the 747 votes.
Came third, 41% of the 740 votes.
Farah (Young)
Came fourth, 36% of the 649 votes.
Came fifth, 28% of the 518 votes. 
Came sixth, 24% of the 446 votes.
Came seventh, 24% of the 432 votes.
Came eight, 23% of the 419 votes.
Came ninth, 20% of the 368 votes. 
Came tenth, 19% of the 346 votes.
Lost by 17%, being 305 of the votes.

Clearly number one didn't win, due to the rigged votes...which funny enough seem to happend everytime Osira is actually available for voting, I guess her dark ways are spreading!

Anyway, I'm sorry but I never were able to send out a new beta over the weekend!
But since I also predicted it would be either then or during this week, I still haven't made a lier out of myself as I still intend to release the beta during this window.
I just had to do a lot of polishing to make sure there is even less chances people would have to start over again in any other beta release between this one and the full episode 1 launch, due to bugs or glitches...and I'm still juggling around old Vs new blacksmith systems.

This little extra wait will also add a tiny bit more story and make it possible to select all four, finished protagonist variations, compared to only two that would've been available during the weekend! In short, I've worked even harder these last seven days, than being lazy!

So, the next beta will be released this week, for realsies!

That's all for now!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Update

Thuesday update!

In the last poll, I asked which game seems to have the best looking emoticons from what you've seen so far, with 1286 votes gathered this time around!

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin
Won by 87%, being 1127 of the votes.
Legend of Queen Opala
Came second, 6% of the 83 votes.
Legend of Queen Opala II

Lost by 5%, being 76 of the votes.

This pretty much proof there was really no contest. xD
Sadly, no artwork to share with you this week...and no boobs, shame on me!

Then what is new with the game development, you might ask? Well, the Art Gallery has been tweeked and finished, all episode 1 locations have now been added to the game and Illumi is fully implemented! So, now it comes down to adding all the optional art, trading cards and finishing the rest of the story for episode 1 before my focus will shift on adding side-quests and other bonus stuff on the side, before launch. :3

I'm also thinking if I should hold back trophies for a later episode, as they are quite tricky.
The only way to add or edit new trophies into to the game, is to force everyone to delete their current trophy list, which wouldn't be much fun, but at the same time, it's impossible for me to predict at this day exactly what the rest of the game will contain two years from now, and what related trophies it should have.

But on a positive note, I may be changing up the blacksmith system from LoQOII for this one.
Make it far deeper and more polished with added options, which would let you not only craft gear, but also permanently improving weapons/armor and even brew potions etc.
In short, and in theory, the starting weapon could end up becoming more powerful than the last unlockable weapon if you abuse the system to your advantage. x3
And of course...it would fix all the annoying bugs from the old blacksmith system, like how dismantling is actually costing money when it's supposed to give you some. >>;

And to round things up...
Expect the next beta to be available this weekend, or during the next week at latest!

That's all for this week!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Illumi

Thuesday update!

In the last poll, I asked how many of you had donated/pledged to get beta access for Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Episode 1, with 1020 votes gathered this time around!

Won by 78%, being 802 of the votes.
Lost by 21%, being 218 of the votes.

...If you can really call it a win/loss this time, but either way, that's still a lot of people I can win over if I do good and hopefully entice to help crowdfund the two later episodes. :D

And this week I'm sharing the battlepose for Illumi with her final costume design as she'll appear in the game, for those who've forgot or missed out on when I introduced her, Illumi will act as guidance and a fortune teller to keep you updated on where you need to go next in the story, you'll also be helping her collect "Dimensional Shards" across the world for her to close down distorted rifts in time and space...and maybe get a little something in return for your trouble. >:3

So over the past week, I've worked on finalizing the Art Gallery and made quite a few changes that I think will make it easier to navigate, such as letting the top option in the Art Gallery menu take you directly into the gallery for your unlocked art without any sub-options, but also adding Trading Cards as its own option through the main page.

Trading Cards has also been redone for this game, so their thumbnail and gallery layout will be different than before, giving more of an impression that you are actually collecting Trading Cards, with name and card # now being displayed both in the gallery thumbnail and during the pop-up when you unlock a new one!

I'm still a little unsure when the next beta might become available since there is a ton of work being done beneath the hood, so to speak, but I'm working hard every day to make it happen soon!

That's all for this week!