Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - The Protagonist

As promised last week, here is the first look of the main protagonist you'll be playing as in the game.
Even if you don't happen to like this design, I'd like to remind you there will be three other character to choose between.

This one is simply refered to as "White/Good".
With "White/Evil", "Black/Good" and "Black/Evil" also being available...so yeah, first LoQO game you get to pick the skin color of your character!
The title descriptions for the characters doesn't lock you into a good/evil alignment though, that will of course be left up for you to shape as you play through the game.

And I can say already now the game will reflect your alignment much more than it ever did in LoQOII, most focus being put in how the main character talk and interract with other people.
But that is something I'm letting you discover for yourself later!

As for the main character and the variations of him, they'll all share the same pose, clothes and weapons, but their faces, heads and hair will be different for each one...and since the crowdfunding reached the goal for extended wardrobe, this outfit will merely be the starting costume as it's the Crusader costume for the Beldorian Forces.

Next week I'm going to let you have a peek at teen Farah and her battlepose!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Update

Time for another update, and to give you fans something more to look at than just boring text, I'm letting you have a sneak peek at Laquadia's battlepose for the game while wearing her High Priestess robes.

As anyone can clearly see, it leaves litte to the imagination, I hear the outfit is quite the hit as the Jadeite Order never had so many young men joining up before!

In other news, the game is growing by the day and the story is shaping up as the production keep going!
So far the game has eight different locations, the capital of Colussia which is the home of the imperial castle, the Jadeite Order Cathedral and the adult club Heavenly Fate.
Among other locations we have the prison fortress Darkthorn Keep, the village Caimridge, Port Ronod, Lake Fairlight, Rivulet Hills, Fellhorn Ruins and one unnamed lighthouse location.

Fans of LoQOII will also notice this game won't have Ancient Pages which unlocked monster details in your journal, instead, I went for a much smoother version that lets monsters you defeat for the first time to automatically be added, you're also notified when a importart character is added to the list of people you've met.
Enemies will also have a health/magic bar displayed in battle so you can tell how much more it'll take before you are victorious or if it might be a good idea to turn tail and flee, though bosses won't have it visible.

Good/Evil Alignments are also worked into the game from the very start, and while it doesn't drastically change the story, at least not so far, you will notice the protagonist uses more hostile tones if you are evil and will treat others with less respect, some characters will also take your alignment into consideration.

And that is all for now, next update will hopefully include a preview of the main character!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Boob-Chart

To celebrate I officially received the first part of the crowdfunding budget, have plenty of boobs!
This chart was made by the japanese artist who'll be doing the eastern edition of the game, he was also the one who did all of that for LoQOII as well.

Explaining it, the amount I managed to get through you fans on Offbeatr was more than avarage so they had to split the money into three transactions, first part is now safely secured on my account with part two on the way and the last part likely handed out later this week.

So now I can also officially announced the production of Legend of Queen Opala: Origin, woot!
Though I have of course been working my ass off for every single day since I started the crowdfunding, the game already has around six different locations and one complete sex scene.
If you've played any of my previous game in this series, new to this game is the introductions of mini scenes and titles.

Titles is just what it sounds like, something you'll be awarded for doing various things in the world.
Some of these titles will unlock bonus content from the appropriate guilds, like slaying monsters and gaining titles for that would give you rewards at the Monster Hunter guild etc.
It'll also help you know if a Legendary Monster is triggered to appear.

Mini scenes on other hand is basically single illustration scenes, it can be anything from peeping to ask for a quick favor, but naturally focused on the main female cast.
This allows me to add many more varied scenes without "having to" write up a whole scene for each one, as a mini scene could just be a few lines of description.

So stayed tuned for more information and enjoy the boobs!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Adult Farah

And it's time for the final character unveil, someone all fans of the previous games probably should've been able to see coming from a mile away! (Not just because of her breast size)

Farah, mother of Opala and Osira.
When Osira isn't trying to claim the throne of Egypt or anyone else threatening the peace, Farah enjoys living a rather calm life in the Royal Palace and being Queen Opala's adviser.

Being very fond of personaly taking care of the royal stables and all of its stallions, Farah also is jokingly nicknamed the Mount of Egypt by the people due to having the biggest breasts in the land.
And the years have been kind to her throughout her whole life, she is as flexible and sexually hungry as she was as a teen...if not even more now with her experience, which has only made her a even better lover.

And with that, all characters the protagonist can romance has been presented to the public!

More may come with later episodes but I wanted to keep the list managable and not promise more than I can handle, so even if none of your favorite characters showed up this time, that doesn't mean they're down for the count!

Any by the time of this post, I should finally have the game budget available to me any day now, so I'll be sure to make a official statement as soon as I have it! There is also the boobchart I hinted at earlier, and that too will be posted soon enough, along with details and new feature for the game!
Because even if I haven't had access to the crowdfunding budget, I've still worked hard on the game every single day and even spent my own money to get some of the content done in the meantime.