Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Update

Honestly running out of movie quotes to turn into Tuesday update parodies...
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On both good and bad, the High Lord Gathering arc still isn't finished because it's shaping up to be one of the biggest cutscene scripts I've done so far! And while I weren't able to finish before today as I hoped, it's still scheduled to be in the beta I aim to release early in April.
(But not on April Fool's Day) 

But I can now say for certain that the next beta will be including one full scene with the protagonist getting to score with a new babe, one mini-scene, and even one Bad Ending! >D

I would also like to announce I've dwelved into Twitter and settled with an account.
You can add me right here if you want to see random nonsense and early previews being posted, as Twitter will allow me to be more spontanious and overall insane.
Like right now, you can visit it to check out a preview of the new LoQO: Origin title menu!

With that, I'll end this update with a screenshot of a "heist" taking place at the Imperial Manor during the High Lord Gathering arc and see you again next week!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Update

"This is Tuesday UPDATE!!!"
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Aw'right, nothing but text to share this time.
Still working full time on the storymode and making really good progression, I do think I dare even say the High Lord Gathering part of the game will be all done by the next update! If so, that also means the following beta should be hitting very early next month. :3

And if the good flow continues, April might even see two betas released, with the later being with all the additional locations unlocking for exploration at long last!

This all means that currently in the game you get to be introduced to Opala, Layla and Mhu'Tiki!
It also has one mini-scene and one full scene available...
Truly, I have been a good little game maker. x3

With that short and sweet information dump, see you next week!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Naz'Raala

"The name is update, Tuesday update."
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And it has been another productive week!
Today I just finished off one more mini-scene for the game, which should technically mean the next beta has at least one full scene and one mini-scene available, as long as I can add some more storymode between where I left off and where the scenes takes place. :3

And as promised last week, here is the battlepose for Naz'Raala along with some personal information on her character! Not much is known of the right hand (wo)man to the self-proclaimed Baron of Warrengard, other than her fists being said to possess the strength to split a boulder in two.  
(Take that, Chris Redfield!)

Story has it that she was raised by a pack of Werewuffies, where she quickly became their champion of young age, it is also rumored that her mother were human but with a dad of unknown origin, which could mean he was a human too, a species from the Land of Savages or perhaps even a werewuffie...

With that, I'll naturally see you again during the next week as always!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Emoticon 14

"Tuesday update...? Tuesday updaaaaate!!!"

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Well, this has been a productive week as hell! And thankfully not a trace of sarcasm in that sentance as I've really been making a lot of progression on the storymode with the time I've had! :D

The Brightstone arc has been left behind and the party is currently on their way for the High Lord Gathering, nearly arriving at the Imperial Manor from where I left off just minutes before writing this.

On the way, you'll be learning a few more things about the characters and what the future holds...but I won't say much more since I don't want to spoil every detail for those with beta access. x3
This week I'll also be sharing the emoticon for Naz'Raala, the mighty and mysterious right-hand woman for the self-proclaimed Baron of Warrengard, a cruel bandit warlord currently living in the castle you'll claim for yourself further on.

More details on her will be revealed next week along with her battlepose, so stay tuned and I'll see ya'll for the Tuesday update to come our way!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Monthly Poll Results

"Tuesday update is coming..."
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The monthly question this time was how you'd feel like having a voiced male protagonist in LoQO: Origin, with around 6600 votes gathered!
(Sorry, but I screwed up the stats and had to recreate them from memory. D;)

I'm all for it
Won by 34%.
Only if it can be turned off
Came second with 25%.
Do not want
Scored third with 25%.
I don't mind
Came in last by 16%.

So overall, it was a pretty even poll!

Now for the game development, the latest beta of LoQO: Origin - Episode II was released just the other day after I had finalized the harbor of Whitehaven.
I've also been making some changes behind the curtains that probably isn't even noticable but it simplified how Explorer titles specifically are displayed in Progression where you can check completion status for each individual location in the game.

With the new system, I can add even more unlockable illustrations and combinations of it at each location, while the old system pretty much restricted me to only use three variations at max.
For example, I could only list three of Ruby Chest, Master'Hentai, Legendary Monster or Lost Illustration at any given time, and having more of the same made the coding very long, clustered and complicated...BUT, with the new system, it'll be a lot easier, smoother and I can add more variations too like having Paintings listed as well and such. :)

On a side note, another Patreon/Crowdfunded H-game has recently been completed.
So if you want to branch out and give it a try, go right ahead and get it here - Overwhored 

And like a broken record, I'll see you again next week!