Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Voice of Laquadia

Tuesday update!
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Drillings still going on, making it...hmm, 8 weeks in a row, I think?
That single appartment they've been going at for two weeks now must look like a swiss cheese, I can't even phantom what requires so much drilling, it's like if they're replacing replacements for the replaced replacements they had to replace!

So mentally I'm still out of it in something best described as an art/writer's block.
But of course, I've still done some work over the week, mostly focusing on arranging lines for the remaining characters and sending them out to be recorded, I'm actually rather surprised how much it turned out to be!

To put it in perspective, LoQOII had in total around 250 recorded lines in the entire game combined, LoQO: Origin - Episode 1 alone seems to end up with around 300 voiced lines, so...yeah.

And following the theme of voices, I'm presenting Laquadia's voice with a line from the game!
Enjoy and listen to the sample by downloading it from right here!

That's all for this week, see you against next time!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Update

Tuesday update, it's like a weekly streak!
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This week hasn't really been that great, but it's still better than the previous one.
Just when I thought it was over with a few days of silence, the drillings started again today.
But I've set some "things" in motion, my working conditions should be improved within a week or two, so I can finally get my head back into the game and finish off LoQO: Origin - Episode 1.

While I got a lot less done than I'd like, I've still managed to put some work in the game by adding the animal catching from LoQOII, along with updating conversations with all of Laquadia's voiced lines, so both of those will be available in the next beta, whenever that hits!

Last, but certainly not least, production on the Beastman Mode has also begun and is under way!
So, yeah...I guess I'll see you again next week! :D

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Update

Tuesday update, just as suspected!
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So, this has been a rather unbalanced week.

The construction work I've been whining about in the past is still going on, which makes it six weeks in a row I've been unable to sleep properly, even with ear-protections for the noise...and six weeks of no sleep, overdosing on coffee with up to 4-5 cups a day to just stay awake, and working on my game seven days a week...has probably not by a lot of surprise taken a toll on my health and made me completely exhausted, to the point I have trouble writing and remembering words.

Still, I feel better today than I did last Friday, so I'm pretty positive I'll feel healthy enough to go back to development soon, maybe I should allow myself to take weekends off from now on. x3

But not all is doom and gloom! I still got to add some stuff to the game before exhaustion kicked in and I've also been doing some indirect work related to the game in the meantime.
I can also announce the artist for the "beastman edition" of the game will be a familiar face for anyone who played the previous two games.

The artist who did all the scenes for LoQO and the Western Edition for LoQOII will be back, and beastman edition will also offer players to select between a horseman, a bullman and a wolfman once it's added! More species might be added down the road, but for now, those three will do!

Though it'll not be added until a later beta, or for people without access, until episode 2.

I think that'll summon up this week, hopefully I'll have far more cheerful information next week!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Update

Tuesday update, right on the date!
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So this is going to be a very light update since basically the only thing I've been working on this past week with the game is the story, and that can't really be described in great detail without spoiling anything... x3

But the last full scene for episode 1 has been added, and I took time on that so people can get a hint on how long these things tend to take, since it's easy to guess...all in all, that one was three days of work, 14 hours in total.

Pretty much only around three "cutscenes" remain for the game, along with two mini-scenes, then I'll devote the remaining time on adding additional content before the release, such as sidequests!

Sadly, that's all for this week!