Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Week 39 / 2019

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Getting used to these early updates, yet!?

Alright, I'll have the female blacksmith design ready for preview next week!
In the meantime, the work to finish episode 3 has continued with me going over several locations to add more treasure maps, optional illustrations, treasure chests and Dimensional Shards to turn them into areas you can finish and obtain the "Cleared Location" titles for, as some might've noticed certain areas like Tijia Woodlands was a rather empty before and/or unable to be cleared, despite feeling like you had done everything.

And while I said before that the previous beta was meant to be the last one until the release of episode 3, I think it'd be a bit awkward and dumb to withhold any additional beta on purpose just to keep the principle going...so, I'll release another beta this weekend instead!
It should be nearly the finished episode, with only some camp related dialogues missing and some alternative CG styles for the strip dice mini-game.

That'll do for this update, so see you again next week!

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Week 38 / 2019

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Even earlier Tuesday update, rub-a-dub-nub!

Expanding upon the Dream Weaver thing I mentioned last week, I decided to bring a bunch of threads together and make him a character you'll encounter in a new desert location called "Hermit's Retreat". It's not a secret location, so it'll automatically show up on your map and he'll give you a sidequest that properly rewards you with the Mirror of Memories (the one you use to access the Hall of Memories), along with his services as a Dream Weaver.
He's also going to be the grandfather of the female blacksmith you obtain for Castle Warrengard through the story after the Blackgard Stronghold arc, a character currently just being a generic, male NPC but should hopefully have the default battlepose ready and be more fleshed out by next week.

On the subject of the blacksmith, this will be a kind of a Suikoden and/or Skies of Arcadia deal for those of you who have played it, where you will be able to recruit certain unique store NPC's to have them move into your citadel and open up shop instead.
That mechanic will likely not make it into episode 3 I'm afraid, although its a feature on the way!

Update: I finally added a few more figurines in the webstore!

And with that, I'm out for today!

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Week 37 / 2019

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Early Tuesday update, nub-nub!

While all the remaining CG Scenes got their art style variations done for last Tuesday, this week I also made sure to finish the replayable memories and Art Gallery while updating everything to include the latest illustrations that are done for the International Edition.
Other fixes involves minor bugs corrected, worldmap overview finalized, making sure the proper outfit is always displayed for the protagonist during cutscenes and adding a few more details to the Imperial Castle after the siege.

The (in)famous Kythe CG Scene will also be removed and no longer serve as a roadblock to get her scene with the protagonist, instead, the change will mark the beginning of a solution to make even exploring mundane loot spots a part of unlocking new CG Scenes.
The "Dream Weaver", a form of blacksmith who can craft mystical keys that unlock new "memories" with different magical essences you can find in the world, letting you get additional CG Scenes that you decide yourself if they should be canon you didn't see with your own eyes, a vision of something that never came to pass, or something in-between.
Kythie's scene will be the first, but more are certainly planned with various characters.
(Although, no new scenes will be done in time before the release of episode 3)

And with that, we're done for week!

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Week 36 / 2019

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It was close, but the last beta for episode 3 did indeed got released on Saturday!

Everything done up to that point was prepping the game for the distribution, and after that I've continued my work to finalize the episode for public release, fixing and tweaking stuff as I go along.
Latest fixes being a blacksmith added to Castle Warrengard after the Black Stronghold arc, Bal'Rana's presence at The Ravage Booty changing the dialogue related to her "shop" since it no longer has any purpose after being replaced with the Hall of Memories.
And lastly, the remaining CG Scenes now have all art style variations done and displayed properly.
(Not including International Edition as it'll likely miss out on being included for episode 3)

So, stay tuned for the next Tuesday update, y'all!