Saturday, August 31, 2013

LoQOII Playthroughs

As some of you might now, it'll be possible to play through the story three times before having to truly restart all over again on a fresh new file.
You have your first playthrough, New Game Plus and lastly New Game Ultra.
To get the most enjoyment, it's recommended to play western edition on one playthrough and easten edition on another, then replay your favorite for the last playthrough.

However, on New Game Ultra you'll be awarded a special item that allows you to instantly flip edition at any time without having to start over, a handy thing to make sure you unlock every scene!


  1. That is very very cool. Thank you for making such an awesome game!

  2. I was actually kinda worried about that. As usual though, you have thought ahead. This is why you should be making games professionally. Cause you're REALLY flippin good at it.

  3. wait is the game done already i thought you had a part 3 still in the works

  4. how do you start a new game plus
    i have gotten to last part of main story in Egypt but it tells me that is the end to go exploring
    then again i did have cheats on it at the time was unable to save if that was the reason let me know ^_-