Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Osira

While all the new females have been introduced, there are still a bunch left from past titles who'll reappear again, and first out is the main villain from the very first Legend of Queen Opala!

Self-proclaimed Empress, Osira is one of Farah's daughters and the older sister of Opala.
Filled with jealousy in her earlier youth, Osira tried to assassinate her sister to be sure she would inherit the throne of Egypt.

But she was foiled by Opala's pet panther, Sebastilion, who left her with claw scars across her cheek, a constant reminder of her failure.
Since then, Osira escaped to Greece where she made a pact with the Serpent God, exchanging her soul and offering her body in the afterlife for magical powers.
The catch is that her magic isn't unlimited, and can only be refueled by absorbing monster essence, or in less flattering words, monster sperm.
And ever since, she has gathered all kinds of creatures in her lair to one day claim Egypt for herself.

Her plans were foiled by the protagonist Jake in the first game, and betrayed by her newly acquired allies in Legend of Queen Opala II who were supposed to help her capture Opala and Farah, but instead ended up only using her for their own plans.


  1. The Sexy Bitch of Dark Empress is back! , Cant resist , must contain myself :P and got to finish number 2.

    Courious of whats on her arm just the clothing art or some kind of dark power.

    Looking Good :)

  2. Osira's my favorite character, it's great to see her back.

    Any plans for us to be able to side with her (if it's not a spoiler)?

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    2. I second this!!!! Osira is my favourite character as well. I wish all the osira romance route gets made. (Ex. Whether we side with her, with the 'good' side, or even our own route etc.)

      Osira seems more flexible as a love interest than Farah or Opala (no sexual innuendo intended) It hard to believe that unless brainwashed, either Farah or Opala will fall in love with the mc on the dark side. Osira can bend either way. (Again, no sexual pun intended)

      Having them all as slaves like the first game was pretty neat though. (Though I did not like the fact that Osira did not become your lover even if you sided with her completely... I'm glad that changed in LOQO2)

  3. She seems a little thicker then usual in this pick...I love it though

  4. Sooo sexy and yet Evil to the core......MY KINDA LADY!!!

  5. Oh Gabe, you tease me so.
    Just when I finally decide which of the 3 Egyptian ladies is my one true love, you remind me of why Osria is so hard to resist.
    I hope you're pleased with yourself, m'lady. :-P

  6. Hmmm... it's from before she got the scar.

    And if it's from before she got the scar, then it's from before she tried to kill her sister out of envy and rage.

    And if it's from before THAT, then that means that she hasn't gone full evil yet, necessarily.

    And if she hasn't gone evil yet, necessarily, then that means that we can change the future! Whoohoo! Potential happy family end, ho! Possibly from seeing her inevitable fate in that *other* evil priestess who sold her soul to a dark god.

    1. Sorry to burst that whole pyramid of possibilities...but she does have her scars in the pose, its just hard to see. x3
      Besides she is one year older in this than in LoQOII!

    2. Aw, man! I'm just finishing that game, and I was hoping that marriage might mellow her out!

      ...A little... I mean, possibly to the point of agreeing that maybe she can be happy with ultimate power and not *need* to have the object of her envy prostrate at her feet mid-coitus? Her presentation of why she wants to conquer the world and prefers monsters to human men was oddly human of her, is all. She might deny that there's any good in her, but her motives *do* seem to spring from what she regards as "the greater good."

      I haven't actually beaten the game yet. I'm assuming that's when I find out whether marrying her but then being a good guy was a bad idea?

  7. hey Gabe, don't get me wrong but Osira is my favourite character and i mean FAVOURITE CHARACTER and somehow this new design in kinda not doing it for me, i mean it's something about her i made a few touch-ups, nothing big just some minor retouchs just for aesthetics purpose.
    hope you consider it in future images

  8. Have you found a new voice actress for Osira yet? You know, now that you have money, the old one might be convinced to reprise her role. Money changes everything. The same goes for Farah.