Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Update

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Alright, I hope this will be the last, boring week for a while now!

The new layout for the gallery is almost done, I only have Internation Edition left but that should be done within two more days or so, then it's back to more fun things than tweaking thousand of numbers for hours upon hours, days after days, weeks in a row! 8D
But yeah, the next beta should be out later this month too!

So with that puny update, I'm off to tweak...more...numbers.


  1. Be careful those numbers don't tweak you back ;P

  2. So I guess what you're saying is beta get ready for the beta.... thank you thank you i'm here all night!

  3. Then then International version because the super gay Van and Eclipse version?

  4. Will masquerade be making a return anytime soon? Really wanted to see more of her from the last encounter you have with her.

    1. Hopefully a scene with either some beast or the main character.

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