Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Update

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I bet you never expected an update title like this one!

Production is coming along rather smoothly now and the last cutscene in Colussia is finished!
All that remains is a reunion with all party members and the next beta is good to go, so let's aim for a weekend release and I'll hopefully get all loose ends tied up by then!
There are still some things left to do with a few remaining NPC's in the capital, as every individual you encounter has different dialogue, depending on if you play as a bullmen or not. (Due to plot)
To recap - The whole Colussia arc will be in the next update, a new CG Scene, a new boss, and the introduction of both Elin and Kristallia, with the whole arc in itself being pretty Beatrix heavy.

So with that short, but hopefully sweet, update, I'll see you again next week!


  1. Beatrix is easily my favorite girl <3 glad she's getting so much love and glad the game is coming together nicely

  2. New beta release good good more houses to enter uninvited! They'll all be frozen in terror because i won't even knock!

  3. I really appreciate the fact that a few dialogues are going to change depending on if youre a Val'Toras or not, makes the game a bit more immersive in my opinion.
    And to know that both, Beatrix's beloved daughter and your mascot (I just declare her as such) are going to be part of the next beta only makes things better.

    1. Well, it just make sense for people to freak out, knights feeling threatened, and other Val'Toras thinking you are one of them, by seeing a bullman during a Val'Toras "invasion". x3

  4. It's nice we are getting Beatrix content I cant wait for more Laquadia, Bal'Rana and Osira content

  5. soo when we can except to get Adult Farah some love? :P

  6. The whole Arc is Beatrix heavy? And you say that like it could possibly be a bad thing? Honestly, Beatrix is my favorite of the new characters, so i'm pretty stoked for this beta now. Can't wait for this weekend.


  7. Hello Gabe, you have not thought about a theme that "would happen yes", revolving around "Immemorial Glade", you can go to the future with that place, but what if you can go to the past and have some influence on events of LQ1 and LQ2 , Just think about it. In addition, related to the theme, you could implement alternative endings such as what would happen if instead of going to Ra'Tiki, go straight to the house of the king's son and arrive just at the moment masquerade arrives ... .. and so. Obviously, it would be an option that is unlocked after finishing the game and with their respective images. JUST THINK ABOUT IT!!!