Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Week 24 / 2019

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It's Tuesday! And you know what that means, yep, it's Tuesday! :D

With the latest beta being out this weekend, most of my time was spent on preparing for that and rounding off a few things, like currency balancing for CG Scenes in the Hall of Memories, deciding how much each individual scene should cost and so forth.
It ended up being between 1-4 Emerald Gems per scene, depending on the number of illustrations/variations shown and the layer of choises available to the player.
I also got some more trading cards colored, but that is pretty much this week in a nutshell.

Thus, onward to next update and whatever it may reveal!


  1. "currency balancing for CG Scenes" O god Gabe don't give EA any ideas!

    1. But what about pride and accomplishment!?

    2. Well they'll sell that to obviously, separately of course!

  2. Hey Gabe, I hope its okay if I ask you here something?
    I just recently found out that Layla has a scene at the start of the game and its sooo good.
    Later on we meet her only 1 time and not much is happening with her. But she does have a heart emblem.
    Does this mean that shes going to be an interactable character in the future at some point? I'd love to have her more in the story somehow.
    I wonder also if Steel Demoness will become more than just a prisoner?

  3. got some noticeable issues to point out

    two are in the art gallery - there are two page 3's
    and in the beastman edition (studiopirrate) - several unlocked scenes still appear as question marks

    Illumi's anal scene
    the entire sequence of the jumbo Lewd Latcher
    and the Zweibelle's handjob scene

    the last thing may not be a thing but in this same playthrough - several scenes are substituted with R_ex's

    Opala's possession scene
    Paellicia's camp scene
    Kythie's master bedroom scene

    these three scenes are still unlocked in the art gallery

    Ra'Tiki's scene with MC at camp
    Laquadia's unfaithful bride sequence

    these two scenes also show up in R_ex's artstyle on the playthrough but unlock correctly in the art gallery

    1. Not all CG is done, so those scenes are replaced - usually Sparrow for human characters and R_ex for beastmen.

  4. I'm a few versions behind with what content I've actually seen, but one thing I'm really curious about (and maybe it's already been added since): it seems like the moral choices have disappeared over time, and I kind of miss the ability to play as more of a total jerk.

    Like with the whole situation with Paellicia, is there any chance that we'd ever be able to just side against her and see some kind of bad ending?

    1. Bad choises have been intentionally left out as the game progressed, as it made each cutscene take longer to finish, but I fully intend to go back later and add in more "evil" stuff. :3

    2. Glad to hear that it's still part of the plan, even if it gets added after all of the good guy stuff is done! The early parts of the game were so much more interesting with those options, and just having them there actually made being a good guy feel like it actually mattered

      In the first game, it was one of my favorite parts when you could betray Farah out of nowhere for pretty much no reason other than "why not?" =)