Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Week 35 / 2019

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Oookay, that week just vaporized into oblivion!

Well, thankfully I got stuff done, despite the time flying by! I believe all the cutscenes are wrapped up in Darkthorn Keep and the final one to conclude episode 3 and later bridge into episode 4 is done as well, although certainly done last minute today as I had another, longer cutscene in mind that I spent several days working on, yet ended up on the cutting floor and got replaced as it felt like it'd be too much information all at once...and a bit meaningless, since the main points it'd bring up will be the focus of where the story is heading next anyway.

Soooo! Guess the next beta will be out on Saturday, aye!? :D
And with that, I'll get back to work and see how much more I can patch together before then!


  1. "and see how much more I can patch together before then!" Well i'm a betting man and i bet it's going to be more patched together then a 50gb day one patch that does absolutely nothing!

  2. When is Episode 3 gonna release?

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  4. Just out of curiosity, by the end of Episode III will we have encountered all of the girls that we can ultimately romance even if they haven't joined our party yet (Laquadia, Naz'Raala, Masquerade, Layla, etc. come to mind as ones that might be included at some point)?

    I'll understand if you can't answer due to spoilers though.

  5. Damn, you are on fire. IM really happy that there is going to be an episode 4, because that means the story wont be rushed to a close and everything gets enough time to develope. After all, there are alot of Plotlines. But I knew you wouldnt just rush any endings^^

    1. Yeah Gabe's been planning on a 4 episode release for ages since this game is already much larger than her first 2. I think she said something like 1 episode roughly per year or something. Dunno if she plans on doing the usual gold edition this time though.

  6. https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=72615433

  7. Something I've always appreciated about this game series is that aside from the glorious sauce, the story is actually fun and engaging which you don't find often in my opinion. I'm definitely looking forward to Ep. 3!

  8. I have encountered a bug were the bad ending scene at the Imperial Manor causes the game to crash because it says it is unable to find the file Graphics/Pictures/0003-background02. i am using the second artstyle and playing as a Horseman if that has anything to do with the bug