Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Week 38 / 2019

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Even earlier Tuesday update, rub-a-dub-nub!

Expanding upon the Dream Weaver thing I mentioned last week, I decided to bring a bunch of threads together and make him a character you'll encounter in a new desert location called "Hermit's Retreat". It's not a secret location, so it'll automatically show up on your map and he'll give you a sidequest that properly rewards you with the Mirror of Memories (the one you use to access the Hall of Memories), along with his services as a Dream Weaver.
He's also going to be the grandfather of the female blacksmith you obtain for Castle Warrengard through the story after the Blackgard Stronghold arc, a character currently just being a generic, male NPC but should hopefully have the default battlepose ready and be more fleshed out by next week.

On the subject of the blacksmith, this will be a kind of a Suikoden and/or Skies of Arcadia deal for those of you who have played it, where you will be able to recruit certain unique store NPC's to have them move into your citadel and open up shop instead.
That mechanic will likely not make it into episode 3 I'm afraid, although its a feature on the way!

Update: I finally added a few more figurines in the webstore!

And with that, I'm out for today!


  1. Oohh dreaaaam weaver!
    I believe you can get me through the niiiight!

  2. It's one of life's great goals, getting your Castle full of stwhores, isn't it!?

  3. *head pops out from the nearest floorboard* Did somebody mention Suikoden?