Monday, December 9, 2013

Bad Ending - Osira

And now I'm here to report the Bad Endings for Osira are completed and in the game!
Like pretty much all scenes in the game, I wanted to go the route you can't lock yourself out of a Bad Ending, no matter if you're good or bad...but always there, waiting and ready to be triggered if you do the right things.

*Queue Evil Laugh*

It'll be the same for Opala and Farah.
The game will be reset to a point before the final boss after you beat the game, like so many RPG's do, so I was thinking after watching the Bad Endings when you beat the game, it'll revert to a time right before you started on the path, but still giving you credit for whatever Bad Ending you've already triggered.
That way you don't need to feel bad if you think the ending is too evil...

Or you can go through with it again!

*Queue Evil Laugh and Bad Coughing*


  1. Even though it's not canon, the (secret) evil ending to the first game was my favorite. Hopefully these endings will meet or surpass it in evilness.

  2. i can't wait to get my evil laugh going

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  4. I've got a small question - will there be post-ending content, like in the original LOQO? So much of the world only was accessible after the main storyline ended it was almost 2 games in one.

    I personally liked it, since it let the main story play out with a sense of urgency and not diluted with sidequests, but still had a lot of content. I'm always a little annoyed when an RPG tries to build tension with a supposed time critical ending, but you have hours of sidequests you can do before the end.

  5. Have I told you lately how awesome I think you are for doing this? Because you are. You are awesome.

  6. You're so kind, lol. I doubt a lot of us have the heart to betray Opala, lol.