Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Update

Tuesday update! (Yes, corrected again!)

In the last poll, I asked which one out of all the available women in LoQO: Origin you'd prefer to romance, with 1791 votes gathered, but sadly, it was also rigged with 100+ votes or so.

Won by 49%, being 893 of the votes.
Farah (Adult)
Came second, 41% of the 747 votes.
Came third, 41% of the 740 votes.
Farah (Young)
Came fourth, 36% of the 649 votes.
Came fifth, 28% of the 518 votes. 
Came sixth, 24% of the 446 votes.
Came seventh, 24% of the 432 votes.
Came eight, 23% of the 419 votes.
Came ninth, 20% of the 368 votes. 
Came tenth, 19% of the 346 votes.
Lost by 17%, being 305 of the votes.

Clearly number one didn't win, due to the rigged votes...which funny enough seem to happend everytime Osira is actually available for voting, I guess her dark ways are spreading!

Anyway, I'm sorry but I never were able to send out a new beta over the weekend!
But since I also predicted it would be either then or during this week, I still haven't made a lier out of myself as I still intend to release the beta during this window.
I just had to do a lot of polishing to make sure there is even less chances people would have to start over again in any other beta release between this one and the full episode 1 launch, due to bugs or glitches...and I'm still juggling around old Vs new blacksmith systems.

This little extra wait will also add a tiny bit more story and make it possible to select all four, finished protagonist variations, compared to only two that would've been available during the weekend! In short, I've worked even harder these last seven days, than being lazy!

So, the next beta will be released this week, for realsies!

That's all for now!


  1. Just putting it out there. Is it really necessary to have a new black smith system? The LOQO II system was fine, and it only got used a few times to make the really strong late game stuff.

    Just I figure that you could leave it as is and you'd have more time to focus on other areas.

    1. Yeah, I think handling on a new black smith system on top of everything else might be a little too much for me to concentrate on...

      Maybe in LoQOIII though! ^^

    2. Well LOQO IV you mean. origins already is III :-P
      I personally can't wait until LOQO X: Revenge of Farahs mummy.

  2. I voted for Osira, that is atleast 1 real vote ;)

  3. Oh man, I was waiting for the reaction/comment from Gabriel about Osira winning and now she tells that it was rigged or something? And here I was so happy about that shes winning. But isn't she won anyway? Even without these 100 votes shes still first

    1. I think Osira got around 400 votes that doesn't count...but she still got a pretty decent position in the ranking. :3

  4. It was kinda weird that there were so many votes already kinda early on, so Osira used her dark magic again :/
    I think its a really good thing, that all characters got at least 300 votes, because I really love them all.
    To me a good game is 50% characters, 30% story and 20% gameplay and your characters have always been really endearing and likeable (or hateable with some antagonists^^)
    I really want to get to know all of them better in all ways, I gave my vote to Gabrielle, but I probably should have given it to Ra'Tiki for a bit of balance.
    I am really looking forward to Ra'Tiki and she is probably really underappreciated, because people dont know much about her yet, while most of the others are already really established characters.
    It seems you have been really hard working good job!^^
    Dont forget to relax sometimes too though ;D

    1. Thanks! Yeah, characters make or break the experience...something can have a fantastic story, but it's far from enjoyable if everyone carrying it is annoying. x3

  5. Call me odd, especially as a fan of your work, but Farah has never been amongst my favorites. Oversized body parts don't usually do much for me and focus on one aspect of anyone (Farah's constant talk of being a mature woman) lessens the experience for me as well. That being said, I've always appreciated monster sex and anything well presented is good, even if it by itself does nothing for me.
    I like the young Farah quite a bit more as her naivete about the world is charming and reminds me a good bit of Opala, especially from the first adventure.
    With that being said my votes for what I like best about Farah were personality and body. I may not enjoy the constant talk of her being mature, but there is a feeling of simply being genuine, no falseness to her that is beautiful and she is comfortable with her body and that comfort and confidence makes who she is as a whole shine.

  6. my fav thing about Farah is her face her wonderful smile, tatoos, mole and eyes are all very beatiful

  7. Okay, now you just pulling it out of your arse. Osira won fair and square.
    Even if Farah is your main squeeze, it doesn't mean you could just shove it down our throats.
    If you so not liking Osira winning, why don't you just exclude her from all those polls... and the third game. Why did you created her in the first place? So you can just spit on anyone who actually likes her?

    And on topic of Farah.
    Breast Size.
    Too fraging big. Especially in Sparrows illustrations (I know it's his shtick to exaggerate everyhing, but, dude, it's like nuke-detonating-in-your-face level of overkill). Those things probably have their own consciousness.

    Erm, what personality. Constant "I am a mature woman" and variations of "I want to fuck" does not count as personality. "So, you are a belly dancer from distant tribe and a wife of late Pharaon, let's talk about that shit some more!" "Screw that, look how big and mature my tits are!"

    If not for over sized tits it would be perfect. If we go by last Sparrow' illustrations you posted here, I say a little bit smaller boobs than Young Farah have would be perfect on her.

    One more thing I was curious about.
    What the hell happend to Opala between first and second games?
    In first game she was a Badass Queen, not afraid of crossing blades with that traitorous motherfucker, who just steamrolled hers Royal Guard. And in second she just distressed damsel and a crybaby, who can't make a step whitout supervision and let herself being kidnapped by some hack of assassin. I understand the shock from bieng betrayed by her own High Commander and teleporting into unknown world, but at least she could've shown some backbone. Jeez.

    1. It's kind of hard to say she won fairly when she got hundreds of votes seconds after the poll happened, and that this has happened every time she is on a poll (which you could see by looking at the results). There are some people who legitimately voted for her (like me) but that doesn't change the fact someone keeps trying to rig the vote in her favor

    2. While I don't really care for most of your post, I will kind of agree about Farah's personality and Opala being kind of a pushover in the second game.

      Osira is really the only one out of the family that has any ambition or drive (while I can't say she's my favorite, she's definitely the best developed member of the royal family). Opala could definitely do with some sort of way to defend herself. I mean, she carries around a sword in her battle pose, but she never really does much with it in the story. How is she supposed to be a good ruler and protect her people when she's getting her ass kicked/raped left and right?

      And Farah really needs... something to make her actually important. Her entire existence revolves around fucking and getting fucked right now, you could remove her from the game entirely and nothing would really change plot wise. What does she actually do around the royal palace besides bend over for the guards and horses? What's her motivation?

      Hopefully that stuff will eventually get addressed LoQO: Origin though. Hell, I haven't tried any of the betas yet, so maybe it already has been.

    3. Blasphemer!!!!! Farah's Breasts will never be too big!! There is no such thing as too big!!! TAKE IT BACK!!!! lol just kidding. There probably is such a thing as too big. However, i don't think Farah's are there from what I've seen. Oh well, to each his own.

  8. I think you're a bit harsh there to Gabe, Артем Головченко. Osira is my favourite character too and I voted for her and I was very happy to see that she won and therefore of course again kinda sad when Gabe wrote that she didn't win by 'fair' means. However, I don't think that the majority of the people who vote are into her 'style' so I'm quite sure that what Gabe says is true. And I personally trust Gabe with all this, I don't think that she would lie to us in such a simple matter. As 0rangebot pointed out - Osira is one of the best developed characters and is not necessarily there for sex but also to actively drive the story (at least that's how I feel about it). Conclusion -> to think that Gabe dislikes Osira the way she created her is strange and I can't come up with a good reason to actually think this way.
    Also, just because Osira does not have the highest votes doesn't mean that she won't appear in the game or that Gabe will decrease the amount of scences she appears in (of course it will never be enough :/ ^^) As far as I got it, these polls are more like a 'let's see what they like' and not a 'I will strictly do everything the way they vote it'. It's Gabe's game and she did a great job with the first two games so I really hope she does what she did before and not everything we 'tell' her to do ^^

    But I agree on that thing with Farah, she didn't play a huge role yet but... hell, that's probably one of the reasons why we get this Origins game, right? O_o And I was and still am, in fact, kinda okay with how Farah appeared in the first two games. She didn't need to play a bigger role because the focus of the story didn't lay on her. Everything is, of course, just my opinion (haven't played the beta yet either)

  9. You don't have the right answer available for the new survey, one of the main reason why Farah is attractive is her voice.

    1. Yeah I would have voted for voice as well.

  10. Is there still a way to donate and receive beta access. Id love to support this game.

    1. Not yet. We have the whole weekend too! :D
      No rush tho!

    2. Yeah not trying to rush but I'm so excited though! XD

    3. Latest beta was released just a hour ago or two. ^^

  11. Well I'm going to go against that guy hating on Farah and say I absolutely love everything about her. That's one perfect MILF Goddess I wouldn't turn down. Personally I wouldn't change anything about her.

  12. So Gabe, how much of the episode does the current beta consist of, 20 percent or so?

    1. These are just guesses, buuuuut...
      99% of the locations, because I might be adding a few maps.
      Maybe 70% of the story, 80% of the illustrations, 70% of the scenes and like 5% of the additional content.