Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Emoticon 20

"You want the update? You can't handle the update!"

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And here comes the emoticon for Puta Bananas with her standard expression, the mascot/owner of Festival Island! 

While on the subject...
I think it's about time I reveal what the special announcement is I've been teasing for two weeks now and it's very much related to all of these emoticons you've seen, in fact, the artist who has done them will be joining the production as a full CG artist and will do the "International Edition" where you get to see all adult scenes in the same artstyle as the emoticons, no matter if you decide to play as a human or one of the available beastmen
Of course, this is far too close to the release date of LoQO: Origin - Episode II so for people without beta access, you'll have to settle with the Beastman Mode which will be new to you and then get this artist as a new addition with Episode III in the future. :)

Meanwhile, game production is going smoothly with me currently working on the two last CG scenes for the episode and nearly done making the second-to-last story scenario in the game!

And with that, I'll see you again in the next Tuesday update!


  1. Got an idea on when episode 2 will be out?

  2. hey, is the latest poll been tampered with? suddenly lots of votes appeared out of nowhere. can you double-check that?

    1. Vote boosts that obvious are easy to catch, so I have a pretty good idea what the results were before the explosion. ^^

    2. So, are we going to get word on who actually won the poll any time soon? Also, the poll was to see who's bonus content came first but I was just wondering exactly how many of these ladies will be getting extra content; like, will you take the top three, top five poll winners,and make content for all of them, or just the singular top winner? Thanks.

  3. The International version sounds wonderful.

    1. Hey Gabe me and Bangfri have been talking. He modeled Osira n Farah for Noname55 n others to use for animation. If we all donate to him we could get Opala modeled to complete the trinity. Msg me on tumblr Ladiesman727 or Bangfri on his tumblr and we can do this

  4. Awwwwww shit , gabe thats the best surpise ever for me, i always was like "those emoticons are sooo friggin goo, sad thing the artist wont do more"....im so happy ^______^

  5. Again I'm really REALLY hoping that they call her Puta Banana becuase of her massive "Banana" between her legs. ;-)

    1. You're just going bananas over some peeling action! ;P

    2. Also just curious, will Gabe the Horseman be making an appearance in Origins?

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. She doesn't have to be futa. Just a she has to be a hot guy with tits :-P

    5. Also cheering here for a hot newhalf in the game, be Puta or some other gorgeous lady.

    6. hopefully not O_O, or a way to disable it at least

  6. Oh Gabe, now I can't wait for Episode III to come out... And II isn't even released!

  7. Wow 5 styles in total to choose from now that's something mass effect 3 can only dreams of!
    And with this new artist who might just have a contender for sparrows throne well at least for me.

    1. Most artists usually have their strong and weak points, so it'll be interesting to see if this one can challenge everyone else. ^^

    2. Meh, while the artist is good, he/she refused to make the breasts huge and I doubt he/she will do the sex scenes justice. I'll stick with Sparrow.

  8. Gabe, this announcement going down as one of the best moments in gaming for 2017. I can even remember 2 years ago thinking how awesome it would be for the emoticon artist to do full CG scenes. Im as hyped for the international edition as I am for Persona 5 and Injustice 2 and Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy 7 Remake now!! Hopefully the wait time for the betas won't be as long as the last 2 games I mentioned and more like the first 2.

    If in future games you manage to get The Pitt as an artist for full CGs I think I would lose my mind.

    1. Sorry, as much as I like The Pitt's work and him personally, I sadly can't really trust him enough to place so much depending work on him. <:3

    2. I feel I can understand that sentiment. He seems to be little...slow...with his releases and that might be bad for you. Oh well, I'll settle for the mini comics he does for you.

      Still hyped for the international edition tho!

    3. I'm just gonna budge in here like an asshole and rant for a bit because someone mentioned two words put together that i hold a deep seeded hatred for!
      So without further ado...
      I cannot express what relentless anger was stirred up at the mere mention of that abhorrent festering fuck nugget called the pitt!
      Trust me, i know talk is cheap and that goes double on the internet but believe me when i say i really want to severely hurt/outright torture that cunt!
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      You know i think that everyone has a short list of one or two people that they absolutely despise to the core and if you don't, well don't worry life finds a way. The garbage pitt is one of three for me because his work crosses a very deep line in the sand that i have.
      How can you put into words the utter bliss that would be the sound of breaking his knee caps!
      Now am i being overly dramatic? Probably in most people's eyes but i do mean every word that i say!
      So when you say "to get The Pitt as an artist for full CGs I think I would lose my mind" i agree but in a very different way...
      So i pray to every god, every demigod, every fucking superstition that was is and will be out there that the garbage pit who'd have little to nothing to do whit The Legend of Queen Opala serie!
      The End

    4. ......Beliar, I have seen you on this site and Hentai Foundry for 2 years now. Aside from 1 or 2 slightly heated debates you and I have always been cool. But 4 things.

      1) The Pitt has already made 8 pics for the Loqo series that can be seen in past games and will probably be seen in Loqo Origins.
      2) Sparrow has also made content of the type that The Pitt makes that you seem to be against. And if you play the western version using the Black Devon you may see a lot of that yet I have never seen you complain about that.
      3) Like Sparrow, The Pitt has made many pics that have nothing to do with "negros" and other pics that are the reverse.
      4) I'm half Black. Without interracial relationships I would not be here. And interracial porn is more immersive for me because of it.

      So I really hope you are not against the Pitt for the reasons I'm thinking. I hope that cuckolding is the only part that your against which is the source of your strong feelings. But your language and words seem to indicate the former, which is a shame. Especially because this update should be happy occasion.

    5. BlackAion - The most straightforward answer is "slow", it's hard to tell when something might be finished and that is a nightmare when you have +1000 people asking for results every week. x3

      Beliar - Dude, chill! At least give an explination if you're going into a hate rage to help the rest of us understand WTF is going on!

    6. First to Gabe, what the hell do you think this was "I'm just gonna budge in here like an asshole and rant for a bit because someone mentioned two words put together that i hold a deep seeded hatred for!
      So without further ado..." then?!
      Now for the garbage pitt don't compare him to sparrow ever, they're world apart!
      You see unlike skumfuck incarnate Sparow has done many subject maters if you look at his body of work you can clearly see
      that mostly anything goes. Which i respect don't like it all but respect!
      As for the garbage pitt what's he done, what's the story every single fucking time in his work nothing but race baiting and cuckold-ing!
      You can count on your hands the work that doesn't involve that!
      If you look at his body of work 98% is only that and 1% to maybe 2% is something anything else!
      And that's the reason i think the garbage pitt should french kiss the sharp edge of a fire axe!
      Now to end this off let's have a little game of switcheroo with the same old story he does but now black is white and white is black.

      So we have a white married couple and the male is portrayed to be this complete and utter fucking lose, and then he comes in the clearly superior partner the black male etc

      So we have a black married couple and the male is portrayed to be this complete and utter fucking lose, and then he comes in the clearly superior partner the white male etc you know the rest.

      Can you imagine the howling of "racism" "white supremacy" from the underbelly of white guilt amerikana and blacks in general if the second option was the canon one,
      you don't have to answer but you got to admit to yourself that it would piss you off if the second one was true.
      So ya i say with my head held high that it's not in my blood to stay quiet when there's talks about a race baiting and cuckold-ing loving cunt like him!
      Was a roundabout way of saying it but i don't want to see any more than he already is in LOQO, i dislike it a lot but i stayed quiet because i liked Gabe and the game, it saddens me that you pick/like his side but i didnt want to bring that type of stuff to her doorstep.
      Obviously i failed at that but still i have no regrets!

    7. Where do I even begin with this....

      Really? They're worlds apart?










      These aren't all commissions.

      But let's go into this. First off the Pitt doesn't just do black men with white girls and white men with black girls. He has done Latina, Asian, Elves, alien, kryptonians (yes seriously) and monsters too. You said you can count the non interracial works one hand? I can name 11 off the top of my head, including the 8 of his loqo pieces I mentioned. He's done parodies of cartoons, anime, and comics such as Superman, supergirl, and power girl. He's even done futanari. But yes, The Pitt has a lot of interracial works that involve a black male with a white female being superior to a white male. What makes that black male superior? Their dick size. And that's a common theme in his work. The male leads have huge, almost impossibly huge/long dicks. Gee, I wonder who else makes cartoon porn with impossibly huge/long dicks satisfying women....OH? What do you know, that's 95% of Sparrow's material.

      You say you hate The Pitt's
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      So what is there to hate? That he focuses on one genre that you don't like? Then don't look at it. You play a game where women are raped and used as breeding machines or cum dumps by monsters, animals, and simply bad people, that features an artist over half of his work has women who are impossibly stretched to hell, cum inflating their stomachs, and having every hole imaginable fucked, even their nipples, to the point that their minds are broken, to the point that THIS


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      What the fuck dude?

    8. No, I'm still in a WTF state because this suddenly escalated with the speed of light out of what seemed like nothing at first. D:

    9. Can you be any more predictable, i was sure you were gonna say something along the lines of "he's done more than 10".
      Ya buddy you're right about that i was being overtly facetious with the numbers,
      but regardless my actual point still stand, his body of work is overwhelmingly about one thing, no matter how much you try to spin doctor it!
      As for the Sparrow comparison you're avoiding the point brilliantly, i'll say it again when you look at their body of work their very different, one has a plethora of subject matters and one does not
      and it becomes even more apparent when you look at what there known for, one for physics defying elastic women and the other for race baiting and cuckold-ing.

      Now for the whole cuckold thing ether your playing dumb to fit your narrative or your just plain dumb.
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      and for that he deserves all of the above in my eyes!
      As for you, your being very disingenuous in order to fit your narrative, you're right cheating is a dime a dozen in porn but that not what this is and you know it!

    10. Ya again sorry Gabe about bringing this type of shit to your doorstep! I mean it full heartedly when i say i like you and i really like the game but i don't take back what i said.
      This talk about "The Pitt as an artist for full CGs" and " I like The Pitt's work and him personally" is just one big hell no! His work is wilfully antagonistic to my group and its not in my blood to
      stay quiet about his type of work, i'll respond in kind!

    11. err sorry to interfere,but while googling names I just read here something that you won't like ^_^', under "Dead Sea Scrolls", in the quote

    12. So i'm a wizard, nah i think i like that. :P
      Also i took the name from Bloodrayne final boss because he looked cool.

    13. quote from there
      "You 11 made Belial for the pit"


    14. Ya i got that part and i tend to agree Beliar was made for his complete and utter destruction...
      It can be interpreted pretty easily. :P
      But hey who gives a shit about that anymore when i just found out that i'm a wizard!
      Moaning Myrtle your ghost ass is mine!

    15. Dude you need to calm yourself. I get that you don't like his art but to get so triggered that you wish actual physical harm TO SOMEONE YOU HAVE NEVER MET is not just wrong, but stupid. The man likes what he likes and he should not be lynched for it.

    16. Don't worry i'm calm.
      As for everything else, no! This hole thing with live and let live that you're trying to preach was of the table the moment he started doing his antagonistic bullshit work so i'll respond in kind!

    17. I should just let this go, and take us back to peace again.....but I can't.

      You are being stupid right now Beliar. If The Pitt is a race baiter then so is Sparrow. How else do you explain his dialogue when he does his interracial pics? It doesn't matter if Sparrow doesn't do it all the time, fact is he did it. And by that logic so is the numerous porn stars and porn companies who make interracial content where the story is that the dude is black. But guess what? none of these guys are race baiting. Race baiting implies that they have some agenda and are trying to influence you by using race. They're not, it's just porn.
      As for cuckolding, yeah in porn cuckolding is meant to humiliate the cuckold. But in those cases the guy is IN the room, willingly or unwilling watching this. And I can't count on 1 hand the number of the Pitt's work where the guy even knows that his girl is cheating. And when he doesn't, than the the Pitt is no different than all the other dime a dozen cheating porn.

      And the thing is, if you actually knew about the The Pitt's work, you'd know a lot of it is less about cheating and the "black guy taking the white guy's girl" and more about the fact that the girls are being sluts.

      you say his work goes against you and your group? Is The Pitt oppressing you with his work? You have the whole internet to explore. Just look at other shit and let him do what he wants. Cause he's not hurting anybody. When I say I'd like the Pitt to do work for Loqo, I mean his art style which is amazing. But you seem to be against him for horrible reasons. Especially since you called him a "negro loving cuckold faggot".

    18. Oh for fuck sakes get a mirror you dumb cunt! Do i really have to say it like i talking to a 5 year old fine i'll say it again, when you look at their body of work their very different, one has a plethora of subject matters and one does not
      yes Einstein Sparrow has done that tipe of work, work that i don't like and never commented on but he's olson done a lot of other stuff that i like, so in the grand scale of things
      in his body of work you might say the good outweighs the cons to make an overall net positive the garbage pitt doesn't have that he's the poster child for race baiting and cuckold-ing.
      Deny that all you want to fit your narrative but that's the truth!
      And the rest is just a fanboy thyroid trying to justify his narrative when in the reality garbage pitts works speaks volumes on itself.
      O and don't try to spin this around with bullshit like "But you seem to be against him for horrible reasons." i'm only responding in kind to that cunt!

    19. Friend your hatred of this man is highly irrational. The fact that you can't see that is disturbing. You don't like race baiting and cuckold. That's fine. But to put label this man as the tyrant king of all race baiting and cuckold is in of itself illogical.

    20. Go back to star trek Spock. Were talking about that cunt and as long as that happens i'll continue on saying that he's a provable cunt.
      And to the "The fact that you can't see that" part, what the fuck do you think this was?! "Now am i being overly dramatic? Probably in most people's eyes"

    21. What I am trying to say is that you sound like if you were in the same room with Pit you'd Lynch him in a heartbeat. What I'm attempting to do is dissuade from this line of thought by showing you how disturbing and wrong this line of thought is.

    22. I would never lynch him first of all do you know how hard it it to get a hold of a David Lynch!
      Whey too much of a hassle!

  9. Wow that news on the international edition is huge. I really had my expectations curbed as I didn't see what else could be announced, but this certainly is sweet.

  10. Wow, great news!

    By the way, do you have any plans to make a comeback of The Daily Fap in the near future?

    And what do you think about improving the relationship system when the player will be able to unlock different H-scenes only by gaining a definite number of relationship points with each girl?

  11. I am liking puta so far, can't wait for the next update.

  12. Swegabe for honor your Lucia,Sephira,Emeralda and Lilith.I made this artwork for you.Behold http://lordtrigonstar.deviantart.com/art/Ladies-Artwork-From-LOQO-4-662182096?ga_submit_new=10%3A1486509281.

  13. Can you give us a hint as to what will be in the last two CG scenes for episode 2?

    1. Hmm...Technically they'll both include the protagonist and women yet scored!

  14. Will the Pit do a white male, for the human. Or will he only do a black male?
    It seems to me that his work is very fetishized, and that he has this kinda... let's say different style, when drawing black men.

    But to each his own, i just wanted to know if he will do a white and black male ^^

    1. Of course he will. Just because he favors black male white female doesn't mean he will do that with commissions. And he does all races. And when he did work for Loqo Origins recently he did monsters as well as white guys. If he were to do Loqo he'd draw what the scene calls for. Besides when it comes to the protagonist all you really have to do is color him differently Like Sparrow does.

    2. Whats with the sudden mention of The Pit everywhere? He isn't even doing any CG scenes for the game. xD

    3. Sorry Gabe lol. I guess it's my fault. I just mentioned him and shit took off. He wasn't even the main point of my original comment, I was just happy for the international edition.

    4. Agreed on the international edition.

  15. Aw, YES!!! Here I was getting all excited for the Episode two release, and you go and do this. This is incredible news Gabe.

    These emoticons have been a selling point for me for a while just from how good they look and how vibrant they are. To hear this artist, who's name I now realize I don't even know despite how much I enjoy their work and shame on me for that, is going to be doing full scenes, I can't wait.

    I'm trying to picture the scenes we've seen in game so far in this art style, and I like what I'm seeing, though I doubt I'm doing the reality justice. Needless to say I'm now waiting with baited breath for the International Edition.

    Keep up the great work Gabe.

  16. who is the artist of the emoticons? :D

  17. So Seth is now the entire artist of the international version? This is, by far, the best news I've seen in this blog :)

  18. Maybe i lost a post but where is the illumi tower or how i access them? Your work has awesome.

  19. hey gabe.
    I'm a long time fan of your games and a long time lurker of this blog.
    I never had a reason to post something.
    But this news made me create an account just to say how awesome this news is.

    sure, the other artists aren't bad, but the emoticons are really at another level, and the whole game ( scenes) in that style will be top notch. Looking really forward for it.

    And since i'm already posting , i have also to say it's really impressive to see how far you and your games have improved in the past years. that doesnt mean Loqo 1 or 2 are bad ;)