Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Zweibelle Battlepose

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Since this is a very Zweibelle oriented update, I thought I'd double down on it and also share her "battlepose" in the new art style!

This week I've been working on finishing the next cutscene that takes place immediently after where the latest beta left off, so players won't be stuck in the infinite loop of deciding what to do with the miners of Skalhalm.
But I also realized I had to go back and alter all the dialogues/cutscenes Zweibelle has been in before as the old her had not the same background she does now, as in...she didn't had a more specific background before, although now when I've filled in all the details about who Zweibelle is in the background, those old cutscenes wouldn't make sense where I'm going with the story.

So I'll be listing all the changes below, for those who have already seen the cutscenes and wish to know what is different.

- Spoilers -

In the old version, Zweibelle didn't know the Dragons of the Nine were real and was informed about them through Naluna.
Zweibelle also had a sense of admiration of Crayden and only decided to work for him when she was offered unlimited resources.

In the new version, Zweibelle knew about the Dragons of the Nine from before, even by their individual names, and was looking for the one slumbering beneath Kahr to confirm they were all still around, not just Nabonaga. (She still learned the location from Naluna)
She was also working for the Beldorian Empire, even before Crayden and Laquadia came, as Zweibelle is the inventor and creator of all the technology in the Empire, with Farsyne and Melforas being her apprentices. 

- End of Spoilers -

And with that, I'll see you next week as always!


  1. She’s looking nice! For whatever reason though I keep thinking her legs look like hooves and that she’s some wierd hybrid lol

    Also, how goes the development on the new tent mechanic stuff?

  2. Hmmm wonder if she ever told the stale anyone, if so i imagine a lot of people would think that it's coming out of her ass... I'll see myself out...

  3. I'm so sad every time you update it reminds me I accidentally erased my save and have to play from the beginning at lvl 1

  4. A spoiler tag, never seen that on the blog I don't think.
    I suppose it's another reason I avoid the beta, it means that I don't get confused by changes :-P Like how Cassandra was the character I knew and Naluna showing up and being evil was completely lost on me :-P

    1. Who is this Cassandra, of which you speak...!?
      She clearly isn't in the records or part of the LoQO universe!

    2. An all powerful and majestic God wrote her out of existence.

  5. Is it hard making this game? non including artists do you have anyone helping you?

  6. when is the castle development finished?