Thursday, November 7, 2013

Final Dungeon II I managed to finish what I said, within the time I said.
The "downside" is I decided to make it a little more, to avoid that sudden ending and rushed feeling so many games seem to suffer, there were simply too many lose ends and unused material to have it all thrown in at once.

In short, one last dungeon left, one last boss fight left...for real this time! x3


  1. You're awesome! To be honest, when I met the LoQO 1 I wasn't expecting much, just another hentai game to fap...but damn! I was SO wrong! I loved the game, I spent hours playing it, and I consider myself a hardcore gamer, and a hard one when it comes to judge a game. And when I played the episode II, I was more than pleased, really...and to think it wasn't a full game, I got more and more excited thinking about the game getting finished! And now you say you're making MORE than you had planned!? YOU'RE AMAZING!

    Take your time doing this, I admit I was REALLY excited when you said the game could be complete by january, but you're literally making gold here. The only thing I could suggest for the game is that, when you choose the image of the hero, every image were a different class with different stats, just so the player could be more comfortable with the main character...but it's not necessary, your game is perfect just the way you're making, congratulations, and thanks, for making this amazing games for us...really...thank you! :3

  2. Awesome! do see a bit of a bug sometimes. on occasion when Kai speaks, the avatar will change to one of the other avatars (I usually use the 3rd one) not a real big deal but, meh. thanks as always!

  3. I'm always delightfully surprised by your artistic integrity, Gabe. Excited to see what the rest of the story has in store for us!

    You're my favorite indie developer and always will be. I hope you have as much fun making the game as we have playing it! Thanks for everything, and really looking forward to the release! You rock!