Sunday, November 10, 2013

Osira Lovers - Bad News

The voice actress who've been doing Osira's voice all this time will be leaving her role to someone else, she'll finish all her lines for LoQOII, but she won't be back for LoQOIII or any other game.

She has a valid reason though, but thats an private matter.


  1. Thats sad to hear since I really liked Osira evil side and her character has always been interesting and fun (to me at leas).

  2. At least the character is permanent and she'll be finishing out this game, but why would she leave? Are there any reasons you can say to the public?

    That's sad, yeah. She was definitely fun in the role. However, this news also brings me to ask:
    Possible Legend of Queen Opala III? What??

  3. Well that's fucking sad, she's like my favorite character.Oh well.

  4. Osira's VA is a very talented individual, and it's sad to loose her talents. I do hope she's appreciated wherever her talents are employed in the future - she's really skilled. Best of luck to her!

  5. That is unfortunate to hear. I hope she does well in whatever she does for here on, but she was nice to have as Osira.

  6. will you have another one for loQo III ??
    i hobe