Sunday, November 24, 2013

Milestone Reached

Okay, maybe misleading title...but one of the harder things that were still left is now done,
New Game Plus and New Game Ultra is currently finished and active in the game. :D

All regular scenes are also done since a while back, with only a bonus one left.
Tower of Despair is done, hmm...Still need to make the endings though, post-game content, the pregnancy/birthing system and what will probably be the hardest part, coding the new Arena.
But I think that is all, the rest will just be bonuses with the time I have left, such as more side-quests etc.


  1. Congratulations!

    The amount of stuff you pack into your games is mind-blowing; there's more features and content then in many AAA rpgs, and the quality is on par with them (if not higher). It's crazy to think it's all driven by one person - thank you!

    May I ask about your thought process when adding features to your games? Obviously you want to tell a story (as well as make it sexy!) but how do decide on what extra features (like new game+ or the Arena) to include?

    1. New ideas always pop up as I work, but the closer I get to the announced release date, the less new stuff I'll have to add or I'll simply never get the game done!
      But New Game Plus, the Arena and upgrading your house was planned from the very beginning, the pimping mini-game and Tower of Despair was thought up around mid-production, same with getting a ship and exploring the ocean around Namaria.

      Then there are features I came up with too late that would take too much effort and wouldn't let me finish the game in time, like the Land of the Savages east of Namaria, on the other side of the Shaabera desert.

    2. Perhaps things like the Land of the Savages is something you can add as a expansion? Or put it in a "Gold Edition" with some other new stuff, like the first Legend of Opala?

      Anyway, great to hear that you are making such progress!!! :D

    3. Its always a possibility. :)

  2. Awesome. So very awesome. January can't come soon enough. New features sound cool too (I didn't even know there was going to be an arena).

    Have you added anything to the pimping minigame, by chance? Maybe new girls or scenes? I only ask because I enjoyed reaching S rank far more than I should; just something about knowing I was helping them be the best whores they could be.

    1. New girls might be available later on as "DLC", this is mostly because adding a single girl is a ton of work to the artist who draw all the pictures.

  3. I had no idea you were including such intricate features such as pregnancy and birth. I just discovered your blog most recently, lol. Does the birth cover characters like Opala, Osira, etc, or other party members like that female Knight of the Capital?

    To be honest, I'll be looking forward to more Gabrielle. I just love her kind of character. She reminds me of one of those Ryona RPG girls, lol.
    If anyone's going to have her own spinoff game, it should be her.

    Looking forward to it. We all certainly have a load of surprises coming our way, don't we?

    Major ups and congratulations on your milestone, by the way.

    PS: Some time back on your Foundry page, you said you lost your hard drive, right? What happened to all that?

  4. Really looking forward to it, and man am I excited to see your updates!

    You know, once this is all finished, or even before then, if you want to get into detail about how you made this it'd be cool to read. Maybe some of your thought process on making and designing the game and story. I'd really be interested in reading what approach you took to this and what is your most beloved aspect of the story and game

  5. Cool! Really glad to hear there's a arena! ^_^

    Don't know if this has been asked or not.. The red haired Kai looks like he's dual wielding in his picture. Is their any chance of him having/learning dual wielding?

    Thanks for the fun game & keep up the good work. :D

    1. Hmm...Good question, I always thought it looked like he was holding the sheath for the blade in his other hand, a bit katana-like.