Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Monthly Poll Results

"I'm here to update and chew bubblegum and I'm all outta bubblegum..."
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So the monthly question for April was about who has the biggest boobs in the LoQO universe in your opinion, with 2395 votes gathered!

Won with 1337 votes, being 55% of the total.
Came second with 543 votes, 22% of the total.
Scored third with 327 votes, 13% of the total.
Came fourth with 125 votes, 5% of the total.
Came in last with 63 votes, 2% of the total.

I suppose the winner was crowned before the voting even began, Farah hand...no, tits down! ;D

This week certainly went by with a flash, it only feels like a few days have passed since last time I made another blog entry! But in the meantime, v1.05 was released over the weekend for my Patreon supporters and I've been working on adding content and polishing the new set of locations that'll be available in the following beta.
While all the locations had the majority of their maps finished, I'll still need to expand upon them a bit more and go through the slow process of adding all NPC's, enemies and interactive hotspots...though I aim to release the next beta with these locations sometime this month.

Also, if you're not a follower of my Twitter...stop by and take a quick peek. :3
I made a tweet May the 2nd that might be of interest and likely will be the main topic for next Tuesday update, with a sweet little preview!

So with that, I'll see you then!


  1. with the Monthly Poll... I can't imagine an Adult Live-Action, I mean how would you even be able to get all of Farah's boobs in one shot. You would need to pull back two yards just to get a upper body shot.

    1. You'd also need a crane to get a good overview shot if she gets banged by two horses!

    2. I would be more worried about if all the equipment is waterproof and the cleanup crew after a scene.

    3. Don't worry, the cleanup crew is a team of sorority girls.

  2. So when you add all the NPC's also add the side quests in paralel or is it its own thing? And while i'm asking, can we expect the same number of side quests as in EP1, there were fun they make the world feel alive.

    1. Side quests and unlockable illustrations are about the last things I add when everything else is done, since I'll know what individuals/maps I have to move around with. :3

      And yeah, EP2 will have more or less the same amount of content as EP1 in all regards!

    2. Ya i get it got to get the foundation first then comes the rest.

  3. Gabriel there's a problem with this month's poll. You forgot to add an all of the above option. I feel this is discriminatory towards indecisive people who can't choose between so much awesomeness.

    1. You do know you can check all of them......:P

    2. I know, but it kinda feels like cheating in a way.

    3. And because one choice is supposed to "win" which means only one would happen, and the rest wouldn't. With an all of the above option, it really shows that we want all of these! Even though that'd be hard.

    4. That's not entirely true, if a bunch of options gets a lot more votes than a few others, then clearly people want all of that! x3

    5. Ya get it, but with a "everything" option kind of makes the poll redundant but hey that's just me.

    6. I guess you guys are right. Then onto the next order of business. The figurines would obviously be action figures right?

  4. Woah, Farah won by a landslide. 1337 votes no less!

    And I'm sure one day, through some means, you will finance other LoQO merchandise (hopefully a hentai anime)! If you can't do it alone, the fans will help.

    I'm waiting for the day when I can say "Opala best anime girl". She deserves it.

  5. About the new poll i have to add:

    Posters: Yes, only if the designer is Sethxzoe.

    Hentai Anime: Again yes, only if the Studio is Pink Pinneapple.

    Adult Live-Action: Never in life, cuz no, live action fucks things up big time. And japanese chicks are like a flat tire; front and back...

    Hentai Doujins: Yes please, only if the mangakas are Kotoyoshi Yumisuke, TYPE.90, Meme50, Mogudan or Takasugi Kou. Maybe Hidemaru... Any guy with a library of experience on his back.

    Figurines: Only if they are Orchid Seed, Megahouse or Daiki class PVC figurines.

    Im going to add Ecchi Mouse Pads too, because yes, i want Farah's massive tits mouse pad ;)

    1. All I have to say is that you must not have seen enough Japanese porn stars :)

  6. Poster: This is my lowest in interests unless its a explicit one which can work but there is room for all kinds of posters.

    live action: you can a diverse races of porn starts you can hire to get it done if you know your porn stars Gabe but I am sure us fans can recommend some for you. Also there got to be some hardcore fetishes in there like cum eating, hardcore fucking and ect. There so many porn props and tricks with cams that make what ever you want, if you want a 40min to hour or more movie or some segment porn clips :)

    Now for a hentai I can think of any companies you can ask to help you out, I hope the animation quality is like Madhouse or Production I.G. level of quality LOL

    Hentai Doujins: This should be easy for you if you want to look for good western or eastern artist that can draw a eastern style for your series. Oh course in the western world no body wants that Doujin to be censored so its going to be a bitch for a Japanese artist who still lives in Japan to do that for you.

    Figurines: Now if its the highly detailed figures like how Orchid Seed, Megahouse or Daiki do then I am all for it, They do really good detail work especially how those figures can be nude if you just take there cloths off LOL

  7. Personally I'd like Figurines, but that wouldn't be a good investment since I have limited space and it's kinda hard to hide/explain the figures of big titted woman and monster cocks. Posters would be the same, your aunt comes over to stay and needs to sleep in your room, "Oh btw just ignore the poster of the naked masked girl in the dogman stripclub, Auntie".

    The hentai comics would be awesome since you already have story trading cards, the comic would be just like that with structure.

    The Hentai anime would also be awesome and you have no limit on your imagination.

    Personally the live action idea would be the worst, since 1, you have to pay each actress plus film crew etc, 2, you can't really do beast porn or do monster porn. Some women may do dog or pony, but not many are the 10/10 mega hot babe of Farah and the others.

  8. it's not always about pure size, sometimes it's about proportions (Mhu'Tiki was robbed)

  9. Any hint when the next beta release will be? I'm dying to play! <3