Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Ra'Tiki Battlepose

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Another update, yo! Yo'all? Y'all...? Yoko Anal?
Anyway, this might be one of those slightly more boring ones as I've spent this week on behind-the-scenes work like adding more pages to the gallery and updating the Encyclopedia to include all the new monsters and locations introduced since the release of episode II.

And of course, Ra'Tiki is the next character finished and included with the new artstyle and have her "Distressed" pose variation done. (Not included here!)
Other than that, I've also dipped a bit more into the first "sidestory" that'll have you play as a female character from the game to cover a bit more lore and history behind them, while also ending it with a scene.
I think these optional stories can be breezed through in just 5-10 minutes if you skip everything, but might entertain you for 30-60 minutes if you take your time.

If I had a publisher, you can bet they'd force me to make these stories seperate DLC instead...oh, and make me include loot boxes with randomized panties and cock enchantments!

But with that, see you again next week! ;D


  1. Definitely an....interesting take on Ra'Tiki. Gotta say i liked the old one better on this one, o well.
    O and let's be real about those theoretical loot boxes you won't be getting any panties just a lot of duplicates of the girls socks or something equally as awesome as socks!

    1. It takes some getting used to, I was a bit suspicious of her more flattened face at first...but it grew on me, it gives her a bit of a more feline look to her. x3

      Hmm...Socks as common drops, nipple rings as legendary loot.

    2. Overwatch loot boxes take notes!

    3. I like her more now honestly. Now she really is a monster girl.

  2. Your work is truly marvelous, and it is a privilege to enjoy your content.

  3. The basic work might be boring but its a work well worth it^^
    and sidestories give me a lore boner^^
    While the old ra'tiki also looked great, the new one looks a bit closer to the face portrait so, nice on that!
    good work there you are doing great! You're doing the lords work (hopefully not Kin'Aurea's)

    while loot boxes might be overdone, randomized panties sounds like a good addition to any game^^

  4. I still think you should give the MC a "distressed" variation. It just feels weird when games only do that kind of stuff for one set of characters (usually the girls) and not the rest...

  5. Love it these new poses are fantastic!

  6. Not gonna lie, with the quality of your games, I wouldn't mind DLC or lootboxes lol. I honestly hope you do add additional content. It would add to the longevity of the game and could make you some extra money. Especially since you release the game for free anyways. And you're a cool creator, I don't see you screwing us over like EA would.

  7. I like the new battle pose. Although I think the color might be a little off. I think her fur should be more brown, the pose looks brownish grey. But I like it.

  8. This looks surprisingly mischievous for the character, but that's not a bad thing. (ツ)
    The real surprise for me though: Doesn't this look a bit, well, stacked for Rah'Tiki? Sure way bellow the average story relevant female in this series but still, compared to how she looked in other depictions...
    Well, breasts size is far from consistent with the changing artstyles, so not much of an issue.


  9. Yep, looks definitely better.
    To be honest, the old look of her was one of the worse in my opinion. It Really did not looked good.

  10. Replies
    1. Could be worse. She could be getting a breast expansion sidequest. /(°ロ°)\

  11. Question, where can I downlaod the latest version?
    Thank you in advance

    1. 10$ patrons get a link at the beginning of the month after pledges have been processed. There are no public releases aside from the new "episodes", new ones containing all the content of the previous ones. Episode 2 is the current one out and the full game is planned to be four. You can download Episode 2 here: http://gabework.blogspot.se/2017/04/legend-of-queen-opala-origin-update.html