Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Emoticon 24

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Originally I was going to unveil a familiar face in this update for fans of the previous game who might know about a certain story arch that was left open by the end of LoQO II...
Unfortunately, I caught a cold last Wednesday and been sick ever since with it only starting to clear up now, so I didn't get around to finish coloring her introduction pose yet...

Instead, have some Queen of Harpies boobies with Paellicia's standard expression emoticon! Don't let her distract you during Thanksgiving and make you look at the turkey in the wrong way! No, seriously, don't! D;

And while sick, I still had it in me to do some work so I've been remaking the opening of the game with new graphics, shortened opening legal mumbo-jumbo and totally remade character select/CG Edition layout, which could be previewed over the weekend if you follow me on Twitter.
It'll allow for the "International Version" to finally be played in the next beta and also lays out the ground work for a stream friendly, "Clean Version" that'll censor visually mature content and remove all optional illustrations/trading cards, much like how it was in LoQOII.

Aaaand with that, let me end this Tuesday update by saying the figurine shop have gotten three new items in store, Gabrielle (regular/topless versions) along with a topless alternative of Farah. :)

So, I'll see you guys again next week!


  1. You are credit to perverts everywhere. Continue God's work. Lol

    1. Until the world is covered in jizz, my work is never done. :D

  2. I imagine your immune system is something like "war war never changes" right about now.
    Aniway getting sick is a bitch so i wish you the best of health and hey maybe get some good old harpy soup i hear it does wonders for recovery! :P
    O and hope to see Neena when she's ready for her grand reaperence!(Well at least that's my guess)

  3. I can separate Delicious Turkey from Sexy Harpies. I can! I can....

  4. (0__0)
    I'm sorry, Paellicia looks just way too magnificent on this emoticon. I honestly didn't expect it to be THAT good. Her hair, her eyes, her look, her facial expression, her pose, her tan, her breasts (which shouldn't be covered, actually :-\ ) - everything here is great... Damn. Seems, she's gonna become one of my most favorite LoQO females. And now, I want to see the International Edition even more.

    With such splendor here, the delay in "the familiar face" reintroduction doesn't feel disappointing at all. Although it's quite frustrating that you got sick, Gabe. I hope, you'll get better soon. ;-)

    As for the new figurines, Gabrielle's one is definitely the best so far. I liked the movement and the tension caused by her jeans which makes her buttocks look especially appetizing. This new approach is extremely nice, indeed.
    It's also really pleasant to know that ordinary models are going to be sold along with their half-nude versions. All this makes me expect Black Dame's figurine much more.

    By the way, does Gabrielle have any siblings? And what about other ladies, e.g., Black Dame?

    1. That Gabrielle figure does look fantastic, you're right! Iirc, the international edition is being done by the emoticon artist, as you say. I'm so excited for the international edition. I have 100% artwork completion right now except for a few scenes on Eastern Edition, so I'll be ready to jump into International as soon as it comes in the next beta.

      Sparrow always has great artwork and imaginative posing and scene construction (I love all the trading cards, of course), but I can't get fully pumped for a new character until I see them in this style.

    2. @Star Debris
      Yep, it's the same artist, and his name is Sethxzoe.

      Sparrow is a really gifted artist - no doubts here - and still, his artworks aren't really much detailed - it's a price for his incredible speed, and I personally approve this approach.
      So I agree, playing through the International Edition will likely be the best way to get fully sympathized with the characters.

  5. Replies
    1. ...With Giga Lardo?
      Hi, @Cian Browne. :-D

    2. XD

      Actually, I'd like to know about a female-to-female or a male-to-female rimjob scene myself.

  6. OOOH been so excited for the International Version this artist's busts have been awesome looking so you can only imagine how the actual sex scenes will be :D

  7. So I've been curious that there's still a royal family member left to see in the game. Where is Nehas? Surely he would have accompanied Farah on her journey.

  8. Hey Gabe, could you give us some update on Elin?
    Also, the new art seems really good, is it from the same artist that makes the portraits?

    1. Yes, it's from the artist called Sethxzoe, and this one here is also a portrait - or better to say, an emoticon. Sethxzoe's also responsible for the International Edition.

    2. His art must be more expensive, but in my opinion, is much better than all the other versions(excluding beastman b).
      I wonder how much it would cost to hire metalowl for all the arts.

    3. I personally prefer Sparrow's Western and, yeah, R_ex's Beastman B. And seems, I'll enjoy the International Edition at least just as well.

      While I have no idea how much it would cost to hire Metalowl, I believe, it'd be much more reasonable to fund in creating more in-game content, especially considering that Gabe has to pay to 5 different artists on a regular basis now.

  9. I want to bang her even more now XD

  10. Man, I really want those figurines, but I'm just so broke. Either I win the lottery or I resort to a life of crime.

    Also seriously, Where's the Giga Lardo figurine? Life-sized with real warts and unwashed fat rolls. :-P

  11. Are there just going to be four elemental monster girls? We have the plant monster, mermaid, and harpy now. I'm assuming/hoping we'll be seeing someone fire-inspired. Perhaps a hellfire demon.

    I prefer Devon over the previous protagonists. Opala is my favorite girl of the series, though Young Farah has a special place in my heart. I just want you to know, Gabe, that I need me some Opala/Devon lovin'. Maybe a fourway with the two of them and Kythie/Sebastilion.

    1. Ii is implied that Devon is the pharaoh from the first game, so it will be really weird seeing him bang his future daughter.

      Also, first Devon needs a scene with kythie, lets not do the queen opala 2 route, where everyone but the protagonist fucks the girls.

    2. If I recall correctly, Osira and her dad had a very special relationship with her father. I'll have to replay some evil routes.

    3. Also, I thought I had understood the time displacement to be contradictory to the story of LOQO1, that this is a new timeline rather than a time loop/paradox. The ending could change that, and I haven't looked over the dialogue from 1, 2, and Origins recently, but that's been my impression. This week I should be able to play through the trilogy (2.5ogy).

    4. I wonder what happened to the an'terra in the original timeline, anyways, what do you think about the sex scenes of queen opala 2, did you think that the protagonist had close to no interaction with the girls?

    5. I just looked through the CG gallery in a completed LoQO2 save and I think I identified a scene set with each of the royal women. I played the first two episodes a lot before the third came out and I remember being frustrated by my inability to get with Opala since she likes the MC so much.

      Devon gets a lot of love and the scenes are almost all dedicated to him, but given the name of the series, I feel a bit empty without proper Opala action. I played LoQO1 for an hour and already got some Opala love, so it really varies game to game.

      I will find out evidence of Young Farah's predicament by playing through those others, and I really do hope Devon isn't Opala's dad. Devon seems like the right type of character to save everyone and to get a true harem.

    6. Yeah, Chad Devon gets a lot more scenes than Virgin Kai, and in the newest update he finally got a scene with Ra'Tiki and the option to bang Farah in the camp anytime.

      I really hope that we got a scene with Kythe and Ellin and that they don't receive the rape treatment (they are too cute for this).

      I like Queen Opala and wanted to punch those asshats nobles during the fruit scene, lets hope for a foursome with the egyptian royalty.

    7. Gabe, I'm just gonna list out some scenes that would be great if you ever need ideas:

      Devon/Any or all members of Egyptian Royal Family
      Kythie/Gabrielle for them feels
      Devon/Guy(s) other than Kythe/Girl(s)
      More Steel Demoness
      Devon/Black Dame
      Zweibelle/One of her creations
      Giga Farsyne/Laquadia
      Devon/Laquadia/Cuck Crayden (he can't play, just watch)

      And of course anything with futa. I like a good male/female/futa threesome. If there's any way you'd be willing to do that, I've got some ideas.

      And Zangief, I don't play fighting games, but something I enjoy from back in the day: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fk45TJqb9SE

    8. Nice list and nice video, comrade.

    9. @Angry Zangief
      Hmm... I don't think the scenes you've mentioned can be called "rape" treatment. It's more like, "Shit! I'm being surrounded by several horsemen... Didn't expect that... Well, I guess, I have no other choice but to enjoy it." At least, that's how I think it works in the world of LoQO. :-)

      However, sometimes there're exceptions even in this world which is quite sad.

  12. Ups, you did it again! You play with our hearts! We so wanna know! XD
    Well, it can't be helped since you are sick and tired right now. Get better! ;)

  13. Might I suggest you do what many other adult game devs are doing with steam and sensor it in such a way that you can release a patch later which UNsensors it? You could even charge people to download the patch through your Patreon. Also maybe create some steam achievements and trading cards.

  14. I'm Sorry but could someone explain what the international version is?

    1. If I recall correctly, it's a game mode with H-content from different authors worldwide. The difference mainly lays in pictures to H-scenes, so if you're only into trading cards or illustrations you can skip it, but sometimes there are really juicy ones in it so I recommend you to play this mode. )

    2. I think it's some of the best stuff and it should have the most overall content because it's not exclusive to human or beast characters.

      International is a 5th CG scene option that will be accessible to all main character races, whether human or beast. It is done by the same artist of the picture in this post, and all the other emoticons.

      It's called international edition presumably because Eastern and Western editions have existed prior and this is done by another artist, sethxzoe, whose art style is unique and kind of a blend between less stylized doujinshi and some modern western comic book artists. It's just really great stuff that doesn't make you choose between being white, black, dog, horse, or bull. Truly an egalitarian mode.

      You do not have to create an entirely new game to use it, you can do a new game+ from a current playthrough. In Episode 3, we'll also be able to use boss gems as a currency to unlock international version scenes and any other scene the player hasn't already unlocked with that character.