Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Naz'Raala Battlepose

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It is dangerous to go alone, take this!
A preview of Naz'Raala's new battlepose!

Like all the other battleposes in this updated style, she too has a downed pose, and you'll get to interract with her more in the next game update too!

Speaking of which, everything is set and ready as I've spent this week filling in the missing gaps and finished adding all the planned cutscenes for llusian Forest.
So next week, on Monday to be precise, the new beta will be out with either a really early morning upload or a late night one.
It all depends on how I end up spending Christmas!

Between now and then, I'll likely be going over and tweaking the new cutscenes while also adding some more optional illustrations stuff and such! 

So with that, I'll see you on Christmas Day!


  1. A Christmas miracle! Opala and Naz'Raala content!

    1. And a little treat on the side for those who finish Skalhalm and advance the story! ;3

  2. So, is Naz'Raala planned to join the party, or be like an Ultima summon thing? Either way, more Naz'Raala is good news.

  3. Swegabe releasing a beta on Christmas, well that's one way to make everyone play with their toys on Christmas Day!

  4. Still hoping for Santa Clipse to come down Devons chimney.

  5. ''So next week, on Monday to be precise, the new...''
    (this is an no patreon user comment)

  6. I have been waiting for this battle pose for a while, and man, doesn’t she look sexy, no wonder she beat me over and over.

  7. hey swegabe, can you add pregnancy to the 3rd game, scene you made the tent mechanics.

  8. Is there going to be any Seth art this update?

  9. still waiting any news about Naz'Raala! and hoping to have her as party member

  10. We demand more anal sex with Farah! ^^

  11. to an early happy holidays to everyone on here and also hoping to interact more with naz'raala without ironard

  12. So my worst fears have come true...beeing at the end of the last beta, the game now act as if I already went to the Illusian forest and saved opala...directly sending me to story sequence and the obligatory "End of current beta" notification -_-

  13. A merry Christmas to you Gabriel from Dalarna in Sweden with a lot of snow