Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Emoticon 27

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It's been a week, I can tell you that...!

But probably anyone could do the same, because it literally has been a week since last Tuesday, why, it's almost common sense at this point. And while I still feel a little iffy and doing my daily coughing routines, I do feel a whole lotta better compared to last time I did the blog post.

Even clawed myself back to the computer to get some proper work done too in form of a couple of additional trading cards finished, Behelda and her Peepo sidekick implimented to Castle Warrengard and a tiny dialogue extension between Duchess Lynevere and Zweibelle at the temple in Kahr where you can attempt to talk with Lynevere before going down into the maze and uncovering the secret beneath.
Speaking of Behelda, have a sample of her default expression emoticon you've surely already looked at once or twice by now as well! Oh, and while I certainly didn't take my sick week into account, I'll still be releasing a new beta on Thursday. :3

And with that, I can tune out until next week update!


  1. Take it slow, better do a little work at a time, then no work at all.
    I hope you get better, I like your work.

  2. Good to hear your doing better! Also this girl needs to stop using those goggles to hold her hair and more to protect those blood shot red eyes! That's my headcanon and i'm sticking with it! :p

  3. I'm curious: Are there any canon couples in the game? Even if there's cheating involved.

    (Sorry for the random ass question! Not sure if it'll even be seen)

    1. Opala and Sabastian are probably the closest, everyone else is just so open about sex, even Farahs husband was fine with it, they don't really equate sex to actual love.

    2. That's a tricky question...
      Opala and Sebastilion could be considered one.
      Laquadia and Vhazar in the past, or perhaps Osira and Vhazar in the present might be another.

      But most girls are "single".

  4. By Thursday you mean November 8th?